• Always Been A Problem

    I believe age discrimination has always been a problem in the job market, but it is growing. I believe employers have a hard time recognizing this problem because it doesn't get the coverage that other forms of discrimination get. With my past employers I've experienced a few different forms. One employer would only hire people around the age of 20-30, no younger, no older. I've also seen older employees relegated to certain tasks because of their age and not their ability. I've also been denied positions because I was "too young" to perform the duties in the managers eyes.

  • Age discrimination is becoming a problem.

    I have experienced first hand how age discrimination is becoming and larger problem in the job market. Many companies do not want to hire younger people out of college. They feel they are unreliable, immature, and inexperienced. It makes it difficult for recent graduates to find a job, I was turned down many for inexperience. This is a problem that needs to be fixed.

  • There is age discrimination.

    The more scarce jobs are and the higher the unemployment rate, the more discrimination there is in the job market. Many older people have trouble finding work in most places. Also, some younger people may be passed up for those with more experience, and sometimes people with much experience are passed up for young people that will work cheap.

  • No, age discrimination is not becoming a bigger problem in the job market.

    I think there has always been an unsaid discrimination in regards to the age of applicants. I do not believe the circumstance has become a bigger issue than before. It's only logical that employees do no necessarily think an employee who is older in age is as beneficial to them as somebody younger.

  • Aging population is helping.

    The population as a whole is aging, there are more old people and fewer young people. This means there are fewer young people to fill the jobs, so employers have no option but to turn to older people to fill the positions. This means they will have to become more accepting of older job applicants.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-25T22:03:41.727
There will always be unemployment with Capitalism, it depends on an influx and control of labor.

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