• Duh. It's pretty pathetic that I even need to bring awareness to the obvious discrimination of children from adults.

    Ageism, (against children), Is the same as racism and sexism. It is not justifiable in any way without justifying the discrimination of African Americans, Women, Etc. . Heck, Ageism period is still comparable, I just feel that discrimination against children is more important than discrimination against the old, Mainly because it's talked about more. Children's rights only acknowledges that they should have the right to nutriment, Having someone to have custody over them and take care of them, Et cetera, Et cetera, But children's rights does not acknowledge that children should have the right to be free from custody, Free from being tossed around like property in the foster care system, Free to have authority over themselves, Free to have personal autonomy, Free to be in control of their own lives, Through a fair, Practical process that does not require anyone's consent but their own. Children are essentially owned, And they are regularly trapped in abusive, Or otherwise morally repugnant or wrong situations, With the only alternative being tossed around in the sick foster care system, Or to have yet another owner. Many times, These aren't even options, And the abuse must continue as the child remains trapped, Not allowed to become their own person until 18, Or 16 years old in some countries. There is the possibility of emancipation, But once emancipated, The child would be discriminated against in housing, Employment, Renting, Et cetera, Et cetera, On the basis of being a minor. Children have no voice, No autonomy, And are promised nothing more than an owner that doesn't beat you to death. These are not rights.

  • You're making little criticisms to an imperfect system and your solution is to just abolish it

    Parent's are supposed to protect their children and nurture them because kids cannot take care of themselves and they certainly can't take care of their parents. I mean yeah the system isn't 100% perfect and there are people who shouldn't become parents but the solution isn't to just let children go out in the real world with no experience and abolish the entire system. Your argument is completely based on a logical fallacy and the way you put it it is only about 25% accurate and you're just saying "abolish it". Get some new arguments

  • Nope this is fully based on a logical fallacy

    Children do not know the real world, They think the world is a utopia and they're too naive to make adult decisions. Like the previous debater said even 18 year olds don't have the experience required to do well in life which is why a lot of them choose to stay in their parents basements and still have a lot to learn in life before they can go out in the real world. Do you really think that two 15 year olds can raise a baby together? It's one of the worst decisions you can make at that age and it causes them to dropout of highschool and for the rest of their lives they're going broke taking care of a child

  • Hello again troll

    Too bad you didn’t stay offline it was quite peaceful without a pedophile spamming the opinions. Your “ageism” theory is a logical fallacy. Kids cannot make adult decisions, They don’t have enough experience in life, Hell even many 18 year olds when they go out on their own in life they make all types of poor decisions. But I know why you’re still making these posts. You just want child porn and you think barking on debate. Org all day will make child porn legal

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