• It is Artistic expression!

    This is art, because it is about the idea. He conveys the idea very effectively through three simple images. He is saying, I appreciate the old, but we need to move forward, and make change. He is a revolutionary and fights against corruption and for everyone's freedom, not just the Chinese.

  • Ai Weiwei Dropping an Urn is Art

    Yes, Ai Weiwei dropping an urn is Art, as Art comes in many ways, shapes, and sizes. Art is in the eye of the beholder, so if someone observes an act or piece or hears a song or poem and finds meaning in those things, then all of those things are pieces of art.

  • Dropping the Past.

    Mr Weiwei, don't be a revolutionary and brake old things to make way for change, we have had enough of that kind of symbolic reaction through the ages. President Xi Jingping is on the throne in China now, show the world what you think and feel through your stirring art.

  • Yes, as with all art context is everything

    Yes, dropping an urn is not pretty colors on canvas or four-part harmony and it doesn't really pass the test of, "well I can do THAT." However, unless you know the context of the subject, the action, and the artist, one cannot truely begin to judge what is and is not art.

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