• Yes, it's gotten out of hand.

    There was a time when most air travel was affordable and you could travel around the United States or to Europe and other countries if you shopped wisely. Now that is almost impossible and even when you get a good fare there are still fees for so many things that the price is unaffordable for many.

  • Much too expensive

    Air travel is much too expensive, and it seems the rates are comparable everywhere you go. Sure, there are sites that give you less expensive options and all of that, but even in those cases, you are liable to spend an arm and a leg for a cheap, coach seat.

  • No, I don't think air travel is too expensive.

    There are numerous ways to reduce the amount you pay on air travel such as booking well ahead of time or booking through special discount services, I think air travel looks cheap when you compare it to driving the same distance and all the costs associated with that, so overall air travel is expensive but I wouldn't consider it too expensive.

  • Air travel is not too expensive

    It is my opinion that air travel is not too expensive. I feel that the price of air travel is highly dependent upon the destination relative to where the customer departs from, and the price of a ticket is reasonable enough when one considers the cost of fuel and labor.

  • You have to be flexible.

    No, air travel is not too expensive, if you choose where you go. If you are willing to fly on off days and if you are willing to travel to major hubs and make the trip from there, the trips are not too expensive. A person needs to be willing to play the game with frequent flier miles and other perks.

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