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  • No,I don't think air travel is too risky.

    I think airport authorities have gone to great lengths to prevent anyone from bringing any explosive substance onto the airplane, I think in general airplane travel is perfectly safe and people should not fear flying, overall flying in an airplane is probably one of the safest modes of transportation that we have available to us today.

  • Air travel is not too risky

    It is my opinion that air travel is not too risky despite the ease with which an airplane can malfunction. I feel that enough trial and error has been accounted for in the field of aeronautics that major airlines can assure the safety of passengers on their airplanes. Air travel itself is not as risky as the threat of an attack on an airplane.

  • Safe Form Of Transportation

    I do not believe air travel is too risky since all it takes is one minor explosion to crash an airplane. Statistics show that death in an airplane is far less likely that of other forms of transportation. Your chances of dying are higher while in an automobile. The assumptions of this question are just that, assumptions.

  • Most flights make it.

    No, air travel is not too risky since all it takes is one minor explosive to crash an airplane, because statistically, airplane travel is really safe. It only takes one patch of ice for a family to die in a car crash, and yet people do not discuss whether car travel is too risky. For the most part, it is safe.

  • No, it isn not.

    I do not think that air travel is too risky. For one, air plane crashes are extremely rare and, if you follow the protocol, chances are that you will live through a plane crash. Secondly, it takes more than a minor explosive to bring most air planes down. These are myths.

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