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  • It is just for our safety

    I don't want something like 9/11 and I'm certain that no one else wants it either. This is done for our safety, whether we like it or not. Sure, it may be invasive, but then the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry". Wouldn't 9/11 and other terrorist attacks be prevented if the security was just as secure as it is today? This is just a matter of safety. Deal with it.

  • No not in any nations airport should the security be lowered.

    From America's experience with 9-11 we do not need to have another incident like that. NO nation does, if anything we need to be more precise with everything. 9-11 for example killed A LOT of people all because a few airplanes were high jacked. If security was better and people who witnessed those males would've gone with their gut instinct and said something we wouldn't have a experienced such a tragedy like that. Like wise for the Detroit French bomber and many other airplane accidents. No one should go through that. It's something that you would rather feel more safe than sorry about.

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