• AL Jazeera is a terrorist network

    Yes, I think there is strong evidence that Al Jazeera is a terrorist network. All too often the network likes to play footage provided by terrorists which makes terrorists more appealing to those who watch the network, and I believe this entices some into thinking that terrorism is a good thing.

  • Al Jazeera is a terrorist network?

    Al Jazeera is a terrorist network because they play videos of terrorists. Al Jazeera has been called the mouthpiece of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. The network clearly has sympathy for terrorists, and they promote their ideas by broadcasting their messages. No other network would do that because it's wrong.

  • All false claims

    Just because Al Jazeera's aims are to try and get as close to the story as possible and tries not to give you a bias view by showing both sides to every story, does not mean it is a terrorist organisation. These stupid conspiracies just show the low level of intellect people have assuming a broadcasting station - which openly reports all the alleged terrorist offences - is part of one. You believe you should not show what the terrorist messages which is highly implausible. Ideally any society should confront the issues and if you believe being radicalised is such a problem, then why hide it? You should openly admit to the problem and try to solve it openly rather than covering the views and opinions of the opposition. If it is not stated in the news then where else are young people going to find out what the ideologies of these people are? The internet? A place where their more likely to get radicalised?

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