• Al-Qaeda is real.

    Al-Qaeda is real. They are a very real group of terrorists that have the power to do very bad things to our society. Even if their main leader is gone, they still have the power to do dangerous things in many places. They are a very real threat to many people's safety across the globe.

  • The Us troops wouldn't fight ghosts.

    The Al- Qaeda is completely real, They have affected lives all around the world. People have made videos of themselves being members of such group. The Us troops have searched for and fought this group of terrorist. The news channels speaking of all of them have commented on Al-Qaeda at some point no matter the political party.

  • Smoke and mirrors

    Al-Qaeda as we know it in the media is a fiction to sell war to America, sow fear, and control a narrative about the world so that those in power can consolidate and push agendas. There are terrorists, but the black and white picture of a coherent and organized evil force against democracy and the West is a lie. There are no secret bunkers, paramilitary training camps, dirty bomb factories or the myriad other stories. There are just groups struggling for power amount themselves with a few wealthy backers and a fanaticism fueled by the intrusion of the world super powers and the exploitation they bring.

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