• It's a fact.

    Whether you like him or not, he has a constituency and he is effective in their advocacy. He's is despised by many, but he is adored but at least just as many others. He is controversial, but he is, after all, an advocate for minorities and liberal issues. You can dislike him if you please, but to say he is not a credible political figure is to be ignorant of the meaning of that label.

  • Only if Russel Brand is a valid option for the 2016 elections

    Al Sharpton has never been anything more than a tool to create and promote controversy among the African-American (AA) within our country. It is one thing to have beliefs and support certain political ideologies, it is a completely different thing to use racism as a rational response to every debate you engage in. Does anyone remember when Al Sharpton first became the inflated egotistical racial moron he is today? Tawana Brawley scandal ring any bells? He attempted to indoctrinate an entire country to believing an innocent young AA female was brutally raped by white police officers, and when the evidence all turned up to be a hoax he remained "convinced" the white people messed up the evidence. More recently with Trayvon Martin, disregarding my personal opinion of the case, all Sharpton promoted during the controversy was racism and that this was all that was about. My main theme here, if you can tell, is that I do not support Al Sharpton as a credible political figure because he does nothing more than promote racial bigotry and arguments during a time period where that should be the last thing discussed.

  • Racism should end

    His idea on race alone is detrimental to our culture. Everything is blamed on the white race as a whole, instead of few. We need to work through things like that instead of dwelling on the past. Its the only way to get through all the race problems we have.

  • He is an uneducated fool

    He preys onany moment to rile his followers. Better advice can be found on a corner. His reaction to ferguson should be a felony. He fits in well on msnbc, but so does the short haired brunette who lied and lied lied about ferguson. Where is the talent in media.

  • Al Sharpton is a blatant racist.

    Al Sharpton is a blatant racist, which is not a moral failing but a logical one. That alone is not enough to cost him his credibility. (Many political leaders have bolstered their credibility by espousing popular racist attitudes and beliefs.) The problem is that he displays his racism while in the midst of accusing others of racism.

    He styles himself a civil rights leader, but he is not associated with the National Association for the Advancement of Downtrodden (or Oppressed or Weak, etc.) People. He associates and advocates for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored (i.E. Black) People . He chooses his opponents and advocates by race. For example, despite the many White and Latino people killed under the Stand Your Ground law, he was only interested when the victim was Black and the killer was not. He chose his cause so he could support Blacks against non-Blacks (an example of his racism) and then accused Zimmerman, the police, and the prosecutor of racism when they dealt with law on its own terms irrespective of race.

    Hypocrisy is natural, and pervasive among human beings, but it does undermine our credibility when publicized.

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