• Greenspan a Model for Economists

    In many ways, Alan Greenspan is a role model for today's young and potential economists. The fact of the matter is that his views and policies are not the only ones that people should look at though. Aspiring economists should not be afraid to create their own opinions on these matters.

  • Alan Greenspan was awesome!

    Alan Greenspan was Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006. He currently has his own business in which he advises companies on their finances. Greenspan has worked with both Republican and Democrat leadership. His financial policies have been sound. If he is not the role model of economists everywhere, I do not know who would be.

  • Did a lot wrong

    I don't believe that Alan Greenspan wanted to do anything really damaging, or that he had tons of business interests or alliances that led to awful decisions made for the US, but he still was not a great chairman, and his press conferences while holding the position showed he knew almost nothing of the problems at the time.

  • Alan Greenspan is a worthy role-model for today's young economists.

    Alan Greenspan is a worthy role-model for today's young economists. He is a very smart individual and he was very good at his job. I think he could be looked up to as he knew how to make smart decisions and back them up. He was very good at his job.

  • There are better.

    No, Alan Greenspan is not a worthy role model for today's young economists, because there are so many economists that are better than Alan Greenspan. Thomas Sowell is a great example. Burt Folsom and Walter Williams are also legends, that have a much better grasp on how the economy really works and how to fix it. There is no need to emulate Greenspan when there are better candidates.

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