• I think so

    Alcohol is a toxic substance and I think it can be as deadly as smoking. Prolonged alcohol use damages the body. It can cause permanent damage to organs that cause death. Alcohol has to be consumed appropriately, but it is very easy to abuse. I think alcohol can be a very scary substance.

  • Yes, increasing number of terminal deseases is caused or worsened by alcohol.

    Yes, alcohol is becoming as deadly as smoking. More and more people are consuming alcohol on a regular basis. This leads to increasing number of patients affected by some serious illnesses caused by exaggerated consumption of spirits. Also, as the need for alcohol increases, people's health only gets worse and often leads to death.

  • It always has been.

    Alcohol has always been as deadly. It just hasn't been in the spotlight as much as tobacco lately. Tobacco only kills the person who is smoking, but more often then not, alcohol takes innocent bystanders along with the abuser. There aren't many wrecks where I've heard of smoking and driving as the main cause.

  • No, smoking is more deadly than alcohol.

    Alcohol is much less deadly than smoking. Smoking causes more deaths and co-morbidities than alcohol and it's much more addictive. However, our society is so focused on the short-term that alcohol can seem more deadly because of overdosing and drunk driving deaths. Smoking causes long-term effects and if we ignore this fact then alcohol can seem more deadly than smoking when it is really the opposite.

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