Is alcohol consumption a bad thing for society?

Asked by: Nzrsaa
  • It is bad

    It is a drug which harms your inner body
    Many families got ruined becaus eof one person e.G.- A man drinks he hits people in the family they get hurt or die whose fault that man's
    It dosen't have any benifit it is just a drug made by people who are crazy and dumb

  • Alcohol is a scourge on society

    There is absolutely no positive benefit for society. The consumption of alcohol cripples the mind and poisons the body. There are far better ways to "relax", or to feel good that will not compromise the mind or health. Alcohol is poison to the body and to society and only a drinker could deny that fact.

  • Heartache and Money

    Heck, yeah it is bad for society. Look at the millions of lives wasted because of it. Look at the social rehab costs. Look at the families ruined. Look at the innocent people killed by drunk drivers. Look at the lost productivity at work. If it wasnt bad why can kids drink it. If it wasn't bad for society... We wouldn't be having the conversation.

  • Oh no, it is absolutely uplifting. {Sarcasm for the idiots}

    Alcohol, like any drug abuse is the causal effect of an underlying problem in which this society absolutely fails to recognizes is not due to being a minority, lazy, or dumb. Like crime, poverty, and other decaying factors to society....Drug and alcohol abuse is a derivative of the social decay initiated by the 'rich' on the 'expendables'. But as long as the rich and 'middle class deluded' can keep this and other problems at arms length and feel repugnant at the sight of those less fortunate...The 'I am better than you and you don't deserve life itself' attitude will reign dominance in American society.

  • Yes, I think alcohol causes more harm than benefit

    As far as I am concerned, there are very few advantages to alcohol consumption - and any advantages there may be, are vastly outweighed by the negatives.
    The negatives would include the strain on the health services, and the destruction of families who have an alcoholic amoung them. It causes destructive behaviour and makes workers less productive.
    It is widely regarded that if alcohol were introduced today, it would be put into either a class A or B drug. But we have a drinking society and any attempt to get rid of it has ended in failure (as with prohibition), which is an indication of our dependence on it.

    I think that it is clear that the social cost of alcohol is much greater than the social benefit, and as a society we should strive to reduce it's consumption.

  • Adult consumption is free and informed consumption

    The harms of alcohol consumption is highly publicized. Moderate consumers relax over a cold drink and this reduces the possibility of developing anxiety and other stress related complications and hypertension. Responsible drinkers rarely suffer from cirrhosis, addiction, poverty induced by squandering thir income on alcohol. In my view it is the person who has the problem not the substance in this case alcohol itself.

  • It doesn't have many benefits, but that doesn't mean that it is a bad thing for society.

    It all depends on how it is used. If alcohol is consumed in moderation and not in high amounts, then it is not bad for society. Only when people decide to drink too much and be obnoxious or to drink and drive is alcohol consumption a big problem for society.

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