• Marijuana vs alcohol pro choice would be marijuana

    Speaking in the sense in which one is healthier for you both can be abused and have negative effects. Having that said the consequences from drinking defer drastically from smoking if you were to abuse alcohol there is a very large potential for death this is supported by the fact that 15'000 people die from alcohol a year and when you are under severe influence of alcohol you are able to sprint around screaming about with no judgement whatsoever. While stated in the pro alcohol section of this debate it is said that marijuana is potentially dangerous for your lungs while there is safe alternates to smoking marijuana not damaging to your lungs ( vaporizing, consumption through infused food) there are no recorded fatal overdoses or marijuana use and when under the influence all you want to do is chill and have a relaxing time with some of you best buds the risk of injury due to 'stupid ideas' is significantly reduced. So in my opinion I think marijuana use is severely less hazardous and lethal making it the less dangerous substance. On a side note going to try a triple front flip of a roof into a pool is way more likely to happen while drunk than high. Are you going to die from chugging a bottle a vodka? Possibly. Are you going to die from chain smoking 11 joints? You'll probably order a pizza and have the best sleep of your life waking up in the morning feeling great rather than having your face in the toilet and feeling like crap the rest of the day.

  • Weed is better

    Alcohol makes you dizzy and sick and feel like crap. Weed makes you feel better because all it does is make the world a bit slower and you hungrier. Although I do agree that you shouldn't drive around under the influence of either, it is still a healthier choice. There are medical benifits from weed and also it's good to relax you. Although alcohol is legal, I wonder why weed isn't because it seems to be a lot better and safer to use.

  • Alcohol is worse for your health than marijuana

    Alcohol is far worse for your health than marijuana as it is socially acceptable to use and overindulge in alcohol while in most places it is still illegal to use marijuana. People often look to alcohol as a harmless substance as it is legal and underestimate the consequences of the use of alcohol. Many people have no idea of what overindulgence in alcohol does to their system or their thought processes and many will give no thought to these consequences until they have a problem.

  • Weed is better

    Weed has never even KILLED a person in recorded HISTORY. Alcohol kills many people every day, and thousands of violence reports are from alcohol abuse. Around fifteen thousand people each year die from alcohol. No one has died from weed. What does that say about lethality? However, both are bad for you in some way, and yes they are both addictive and bad for your health in general.

  • Yes, most definately

    Considering that alcohol has directly killed many people, and marijuana hasn't killed a single person, the answer is clearly yes. Marijuana does carry some risks that alcohol doesn't, but they are psychological in nature. A couple of these are the risks of developing depersonalization, panic disorder, or psychosis. These are temporary in most cases.

  • Marijuana can be a healing agent and beneficial.

    Many opponents of marijuana will argue that it kills brain cells and that it is much more dangerous than alcohol. This is based on a study done in 70's where monkeys were given the equivalent of 60 joints a day with almost no exposure to oxygen.
    No oxygen means no brain cell activity, leading to the death of the brain cells. Marijuana has been found to also kill brain cancer cells, help fight cancer, and has been found to help fight lung disease. Alcohol on the other hand is known to cause liver damage, cause many vehicular accidents, and become a dependable substance if abused for long periods of time. In short, marijuana is not bad for your health, and alcohol is a known killer.

  • Yes!

    Alcohol is not good at all for you. Its affects are deadly. It causes people to become violent and is more available than marijuana is. We have lots and lots of people that die from alcohol related illeness each year, and it keeps climbing. The number is higher than people who have smoked marijuana.

  • If consumed at an appropriate level, alcohol is not worse than marijuana.

    Both alcohol and marijuana can cause serious health risks. It is true that if seriously abused, alcohol is more dangerous to one's health. However, if consumed moderately, alcohol is less dangerous and can even be beneficial to health, whereas any amount of marijuana smoking increases risks for ailments like lung cancer. Thus which drug is more dangerous is really a matter of the level of consumption and/or abuse.

  • Highly Doubt It

    Did the argument really say healing? All it does is relieve pain. It doesn't heal anything. Ethanol is dissociated by the body in roughly an hour while THC takes up to a month to leave the body. The body turns ethanol into a natural metabolic acid. NATURAL. Doesn't matter about amount of deaths per year. Look at what your body knows.

  • Bad habits

    No, I don't think that alcohol is worse for your health than marijuana. I think they are pretty equal when it's all laid out. Alcohol damages your liver and can cause impairment when driving and operating machinery and marijuana can impair your thinking, so I think they are both pretty equal in unhealthiness!

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