• Alcoholics Anonymous is effective

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship that has helped and is helping several people in a holistic manner. The twelve step program of character and spiritual development has been quite effective and hence similar fellowships with a twelve step program have also been developed by other groups. TheAlchoholics Anonymous spiritual and character development program has been accepted and is being adopted across cultures world over.

  • Yes, this proven support group has great success.

    Those who struggle with addictive behavior are more likely to succeed when they have the group support provided by Alcoholics Anonymous. The regular meetings provide accountability and encouragement that can be lacking for people who try to conquer habits and addictions on their own. Alcoholics Anonymous also provides positive principles to help re-orient the thinking of its members and encourage good life habits, which in turn help people overcome alcoholism.

  • Yes, Alcoholics Anonymous is effective.

    Alcoholics Anonymous is effective because they deal with emotional issues that lead people to abuse alcohol. They also offer support and a personalized program to help those who join. They don't judge because they went through the same thing and know how it feels. Also their 12 step system was scientifically designed.

  • Support groups essential

    It's really important that dependants on any addictive drugs are given the best chance to get themselves clean by working as a group and discussing their ups and downs as they go through this very difficult time. Have empathetic people around you is a lot more valuable than having family not understand and just saying why don't you just stop!

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