• It is overall a good thing

    Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) is over all a positive. A support system can be a very positive influence and this case this is true statement. There are no guarantees that AA will be successful. I don't have the number on there success rates and consequences can be devastating. As with all support groups it comes down to the willingness of individual succeed,

  • It is helpful

    I think that Alcoholics Anonymous is a helpful intervention for people who are trying to stay on the correct path. It gives them a support system to help them get through the hard times and a sponsor that is willing to listen and help them. They would be better for having it.

  • It is helpful

    I grew up with two people who became raging alcoholics as they went into their late teens and early 20s. Both of them decides to go to Alcoholics Anonymous together and to get control of their lives. It worked wonderfully for them both, and they are still in recovery now.

  • There is no harm

    There is no harm to Alcoholics Anonymous. It allows people to go and talk about their problems with other people going through the same thing. This often helps a lot of people. It may be possible that it doesn't work for all but it still is not going to do harm to those people.

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