• ANY type of addiction is considered a disease.

    A disease, In broadest terms, Is a physiological disorder with symptoms. In alcoholism or any other type of addiction, The main ones are the loss of control over use, Withdrawal or sickness if they can't use it, And the inability to make smart choices (my teacher calls them the big three). Contrary to popular belief, Addicts really can't control this. Effort is completely irrelevant. It's like telling someone with anemia to try harder.

  • I Think So

    I spent 3 years married to an alcoholic before he died at the age of 33. In my experience dealing with alcoholism I believe it is evident that it is some type of disease or problem within the mind. The person I lived with wanted so badly to quit, but at the same time fought urges all the time, and especially when he was stressed out.

  • Alcoholism is a disease.

    Yes I feel that alcoholism is a disease. Alcoholism is something that is acquired over time and can be controlled and ultimately cured if the right treatment is pursued. Millions of people suffer from alcoholism every day, but just like other diseases, millions of people are receiving treatment and hoping to be cured.

  • Yes, I think alcoholism is a disease.

    Overall I think Alcoholism is a psychological disease that needs to be treated with therapy and perhaps medication, once people become Alcoholics they can not control themselves and they can not control how much they are drinking, I think we need to be compassionate to those suffering from Alcoholism and make sure they get the required treatment they need.

  • No, it is an addiction; a mental illness.

    Disease implies that it is contracted from something/ someone, or that you can spread it like infection.
    It can be physical, (at least, physical in the sense that there is something physically wrong causing it - like a dependency, or a neurological imbalance) but it is also often simply psychological.

  • No, Alcoholism is a Mental Disorder

    Disease implies that something is transmitted or cannot be helped. Alcoholism is tied with how our minds choose to utilize drugs, i.e. whether or not we have a drug dependent mentality or personality. If our minds are genetically programmed to seek out these drugs, then they will. If we do not have an addictive personality, then it won't affect us as much.

  • No, It's a mental illness.

    Alcohol combines the elements of both mental illness and physical disease .
    Mental and emotional symptoms of alcoholism exist long before the grave
    physical complications of the disease appear. The mental symptoms consist of loss of control(taking in larger amounts of alcohol over a longer period of time than the
    person intends). It will inevitably lead to physical complications of alcoholism.

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