• Cancer is a disease

    Cancer is a disease, "Alcoholism" is a symptom of greater and deeper emotional issues yet to be resolved. (Everyone) is allergic to alcohol. (Everyone) gets sick the first couple times they drink for that "buzz".

    The people who decide to conquer the sickness aspect of drinking, can safely move on to alcohol abuse. Alcohol becomes the friend of those with problems, who are unwilling or unable to resolve them.

    Once a person can put an end to the issues that plague his mind, he has no need to escape into the oblivion of drunkenness.

    It is purely emotional, and the only disease here is mental disease.

  • False dichotomy. It is a learned behavior and a disease

    It is a disease because it is detrimental to the person's health to the point where medical treatment is advisable. Genes can contribute to the risk but they can not guarantee alcoholism. A person can only become an alcoholic if they first drink, and then drink large amounts on a regular basis. So it is a learned behavior AND a disease.

  • Definitely a learned behavior!

    I have never seen a baby born with this so-called 'DISEASE'. It is a learned behavior. For many their parents were the ones to set an example, and for others it starts off as partying on the weekends only and eventually becomes an addiction. How the hell is this a disease!? It's just like obesity. You can be in control of your mind, body and soul. Unfortunately, people like to take refuge from their personal problems in alcohol, drugs or food. Trust me I know.

  • Alcoholism is not a disease

    Every individual makes a choice rather to drink or not, as well as how often and how much. I myself chose to drink too often and too much for a period of time. Eventually my tolerance level changed so that I needed more to have the same effect. I abused alcohol, which led to an addiction both mentally and physically. This is not disease, by choosing to drink too much and too often I set myself for an addiction. Today I drink 2-3 beers once a week as opposed to 5-7 almost every day. Regardless of what those in the rooms of AA told me, I believe I'm doing pretty darn good without the program.

  • Yes, alcoholism is a learned behavior

    Yes, alcoholism is a learned behavior. If a person never drinks or refrains from drinking in excess, then they will never become an alcoholic. If a person refrains from eating too many sugary sweets, they can still get diabetes, which is a real disease that affects their health. Alcoholics choose (from learned behavior) to drink irresponsibly and this means that alcoholism isn't a disease.

  • No one makes you drink.

    Alcoholism is a learned behavior, because no one makes a person drink alcohol. A person make the choice to be an alcoholic, each time they decide that drinking is more important than whatever else they have to do. A person can find alternatives to drinking anytime that they really want to.

  • Not a Disease

    Having witnessed alcoholism and knowing how it works I can virtually guarantee you that it is not a disease. There is nothing about the condition that would lead a person or a medical professional to classify this problem as a disease. I believe it is actually a mental condition and it may have a genetic marker. With that said, I believe people learn the behavior via the underlying cause. Treating alcoholism essential means the behavior must be unlearned or replaced with a different addiction.

  • Do the research yourself

    First I will say that most drinkers will never admit to having a problem let alone a disease. Next, after a 15 year marriage to an alcoholic, I have done a great amount of research and the truth is this: it has been proven by many researchers including the NIAAA that alcoholism CAN be predestined and IS both choice and a disease. There are many levels of alcoholism (which by the way is a different illness than alcohol abuse). There are choices involved at first but once it gets to a dependence level of a certain degree, it does alter brain function (proven in high tech brain scanning) and does fall into "disease". For the person that says they can drink a few beers a week now after prior alcohol abuse.... Sorry pal, you were never an alcoholic, you were an alcohol abuser and there is a big difference. If you were an alcoholic you would require constant treatment for the rest of your life including complete abstinence from any alcohol. I am glad that you were able to get a grip on your addiction but you should do some more true research (and I don't mean reading opinions on the Internet) before you speak on something that you are clearly not educated on. Do your homework... Alcoholism is not a cut and dry thing, many stages and types.... Research and see for yourself. I recommend checking out some medical journals as well as research from the NIAAA. Good luck!

  • No, i think its genetic

    I actually think its both, if you have it in your genetics it can be nurtured to become an illness. They have shown in tests that people have a genetic brain formation that shows up on scans. I can't say if that if for real or not,but I know from my own family history that it runs deep in genetics.

  • Symptoms proves this

    In the research that I have made, I found that most of the symptoms found in alcoholism such as depression, nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue etc. are also found in other symptoms for many diseases. This just further proves that alcoholism is a disease but I do believe that in certain cases alcoholism can be a learned behavior then transformed into a disease.

  • A Biochemical Cause of Alcoholism

    If there is enough alcohol in the blood stream, long enough, that will cause alcoholism. Real Native Americans, genetically, don't have enzymes to change alcohol into sugar, therefore, it is easy for enough alcohol to remain in the blood stream long enough to cause us alcoholism. Fifty more words to print? Here's another subject. Aspertame is absolutely harmless. Aspartame is composed of two amino acids: aspartic acid and phenylalanine, two of the basic amino acids that compose all proteins, and which are programmed by all DNA. If you taste something sweet in your mouth for no reason at all it is probably aspartic acid and phenylalanine that united in your mouth forming aspertame, from broken down proteins, even from your own body. Aspertame can form anywhere in our body from broken down proteins. We are primarily made of proteins. All the other chemicals of our bodies were put there from our environment by our enzymes, which are made of amino acids. Fear of aspertame is a lie.

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False dichotomy time

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