Is alcoholism actually a safe alternative to much more destructive addictions such as gambling and theft?

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  • It's just as deadly a sin

    Alcohol is interpreted as poison by the body. An alcoholic is ruining their own organs from the liver to the brain. Most people don't act smarter when drunk either. Alcohol kills many people every year, and has made people do terrible things. It's not better than gambling or theft. It also has destroyed many families whether by violence or kids they can't support or even simple bankruptcy by not being able to hold a job plus the cost of alcohol.

  • Alcoholism is not a Safe Alternative to Anything

    Alcoholism is a disease that robs a person of his or her ability to reason rationally. Alcoholics enjoy a bizarre sense of entitlement and their drinking is not only extremely costly, it destroys both the alcoholic and the alcoholic's family. How many people are killed annually by drunk drivers? Alcoholism is not less destructive than gambling and theft.

  • Alcoholism is not a safe alternative.

    Levels of destruction are subjective. Alcoholism can lead to many other problems such as gambling and theft. So, claiming that alcoholism is worse than these afflictions is difficult to legitimize. Alcoholism is not safe anyhow. The health implications alone are more dangerous than something like gambiling. Theft has consequences like jail and fines, but at least the thief does not have deteriorating health issues because of it.

  • No, it's more dangerous.

    For one thing, theft is not an addiction but it is a crime. Gambling lets you lose your money. Alcoholism is an addiction in which you lose your health and eventually your life. Both will have you losing family and friends but obviously it is more dangerous to be an alcoholic.

  • No, it is not a safe alternative.

    Drinking to much is not good, so there is no way for it to be a safe alternative, you could say it is a lesser of two evils but even then your point is not valid. Alcoholism can be very harmful to your health and to other people's health if you drink and drive.

  • No, alcoholism shouldn't be considered a safe alternative.

    I do not think that people should consider alcoholism a safe alternative to other destructive addictions such as gambling and theft. I think that is one of the most dangerous addictions out there that not can only danger one's health and life, but other people's lives as well that are unlucky to be on the road when there is a drunk driver.

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