• Alcoholism is immoral:

    The definition of morality is the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. An alcoholic can not presently make clear distinctions between these judgements. Having an alcoholic parent, I have witnessed this immortality myself. There is no genetic/biological inheritance to becoming an alcoholic. An individual that is immoral also does not represent themselves in an appropriate manner nor do they treat their body with care, thus alcoholism. Yes, morality can be interpreted in many different ways for many different people but, based on this information and more alcoholism is immoral.

  • Alcoholism is immoral

    I do believe that alcoholism is immoral from the broader perspective. A variety of faiths teach us that we are to take care of our bodies. Alcoholism has been shown to ravage the body with a whole host of diseases, thus going against the tenants of these faiths. So therefore I do feel that from that perspective alcoholism is immoral.

  • Yes, it is, especially if you won't get treatment

    I do understand that alcoholism is a disease. However, it was someone's personal choice, a choice to drink in excess, that had led them to become an alcoholic. And if an alcoholic keeps drinking and refuses to get treatment, despite seeing all the damage it does to their family, then yes, it is immoral.

  • It destroys life.

    Yes, alcoholism is immoral, because it is a waste of a life. A person who chooses to drink to excess chooses to place a burden on their families and friends, and on the rest of society. A person who is an alcoholic has used their energies up and is not contributing anything good to society. They are a detractor and not a contributor.

  • Alcoholism is not immoral.

    Alcoholism is not immoral. People will always continue to drink and it is not up to us to decide what is moral or immoral. If a person wants to be able to drink, since it is legal, then they should be allowed to. I do not think it is up to anyone else to judge the behavior of anyone else.

  • Alcoholism Not Always A Choice

    I do not believe alcoholism is immoral. I believe alcoholism is more than likely a mental disorder or it possibly has a gene associated with it. Most alcoholics don't chose to be alcoholics, it happens to them. When they try to stop, it doesn't always work for them. I believe it is wrong to assume that it can be either moral or immoral, since its really not a decision a person makes.

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