• Alden Ehrenreich Brings Fresh to Hans Solo Role

    Harrison Ford played Hans Solo for decades, literally. Alden Ehrenreich makes a leap into the limelight with his portrayal of the scalawag Hans Solo who is loved by millions of fans. The stretch as an actor filling such popular shoes is never an easy task and Ehrenreich makes it look effortless on the screen.

  • Yes it is a good pick

    Disney has picked actor Alden Ehrenreich, who impressed plenty in his depiction of a cowboy who can’t get his vowels right in “Hail, Caesar!”, to play a younger version of the rebel smuggler in Hans Solo. Even if it was Disneys choice or not, it has been a good pick

  • Yes, he will do a good job. T

    The new Han Solo is not suppose to replace Harrison Ford as much as he needs to embody the Sprite of the character. Alden Ehrenreich is a good pick for Han Solo because he is able to play a character that is charismatic and breaks the rules when he wants and needs to.

  • No Resemblence to Harrison Ford

    Come on guys, its Star Wars, there's so many people who probably look exactly like Ford, have the physique of Ford (height/weight), can sound like him and act like him. I'm sure this guy can act like him but he certainly doesn't have anything else nearly even close to Ford.

  • No, Alden doesn't fit

    Alden Ehrenreich should not be the next Han Solo, because no one can replace Harrison Ford. He doesn't fit the part well and his personality is not similar to Ford's. This makes for a poor representation and just a bad choice in general. He's not strong enough for the part.

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