• Well, yeah

    Imagine a Glenn Beck that isn't playing a character and actually believes what's coming out of their mouth and you have Alex Jones. He's a deplorable waste of life, but even with that acknowledged I can't bring myself to hate him because I actually pity a person that completely and emphatically detached from the world around them. He's some straightjacket and padded room stuff if there ever was any.

  • Nuts, says this libertarian (that's right-wing, to the left) extremist

    I've been accused of being a right-wing wacko (though 'hawkish libertarian extremist would be more accurate) and I think Alex Jones is completely off his rocker. When I see people posting nonsense from Infowars and even more egregiously insane conspiracy sites (e.g., I try to make the case to them that their fatuousness is hurting our cause rather than helping it....At which point I'm denounced as an agent of the NWO. Would, though, that the left would similarly police people on their side with outrageous fantasies...Oh, wait, that would be the mainstream left.

  • Without a doubt

    New World Order? Don't make me laugh. Most of everything he states claims it was woven and conspired against everyone. For the record, he was VERY rude to Piers Morgan. Imitated a British accent and called him a redcoat and to go back to the UK. Last time I checked we are mostly all originally Europeans etc. My ancestors came from Scotland. Maybe we should all pack our bags and give the country back to the native Americans and all born from them.

    Closing quote from Alex himself:
    "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!" Jones yelled. "It doesn't matter how many lemmings (mindless followers) you get out on the street begging for them to have their guns taken! We will not relinquish them! Do you understand?" Disgrace.

  • Yup, definitely delusional

    Ranting and raving, difficulty following a train of thought. The answer's somewhere in DSM-5, but Jones would fill the deliberations of a psychiatric conference all by himself. Of course, Jones makes money of his ramblings as well. A lot of money. Still, it's quite inconceivable that the whole thing is an act. In short, yes, the guy is crazy.

  • Yes he is.

    Alex Jones's insanity is something that is agreed upon by liberals and conservatives alike. I would argue that he were a pretty smart guy if his craziness was just an act to get publicity. The scary thing is the guy actually believes what he says: he actually believes the entire world is out to get him.

  • Just Simple Probability

    Not every major tragedy can be planned and carried out by a new world order. There are 7 billion people in the world, odds are that someone is going to do something that the new world order didn't approve. Also, if there was really a new world order running the show, wouldn't Jones have "vanished" 10 years ago when he started to gain notoriety for his theories. A new world order wouldn't abide a man like Jones exposing their dastardly plots. Either the man is a paranoid whack job or he's a con man on par with Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard.

  • He gives no evidence to back up his claims.

    I listen just because I can't believe that people take him seriously. He is always ranting about being taken over by these evil forces but what are they? He does not use logic in any of is positions. I can almost see him foaming at the mouth as he bellows. What an angry, irrational person...Do people really take him seriously?

  • Alex Jones beyond crazy.

    Alex Jones lacks U.S. History, critical thinking - which makes him perfect for his target audience. People are too lazy and stupid to have common sense, and do any outside research that would debunk everything this idiot says. Thank you, Alex, for exploiting the stupid of this country - including yourself.

  • He is very bad for the Country

    A Man like this not only promotes far and intolerance but actually succeeds in brainwashing those that are of lesser mental capacity or the plain old gullible. I know first hand of people that were once grounded, hard working and rational become a sort of mirror image of Jones. Complete with the whole Illuminati, NWO, false flag rhetoric in tow. Makes me laugh and also makes me very concerned for the future of this country.

  • Delusional, Disgusting, Disgraceful

    He's a liar, plain and simple. I've heard him contradict himself dozens of times. He gets people to listen to him by mixing in facts with his ranting and raving, and playing off people's emotions. There's another person that did many of the same things that he did: Adolf Hiter

  • Think about it..

    Alex Jones may be paranoid and some of his theories far fetched and out there but some of them are hard to prove wrong.. At least he helps you think of other possibility's and not just be a sheep and believe what they want you to believe.. The gov is not always right they can and have had evil intent in the past. Most of the time we are just bags of tax money to them. Keep an open mind consider all possibilities and try not to be like the other sheeple.

  • He speaks logic.

    This man isn't crazy, why? Because he asks questions? That's what we are taught since being younger. I mean seriously, we are meant to have abstract thinking...And sometimes it's good to have these people taking an extra look. If we look at common sense, and logic...The government doesn't provide the insights needed that a normal teller of truth would. However, they arise more questions than answers and their -actions- don't support what they say. That overall is the logic he speaks, and most people are too dumbfounded due to generational corruption to even notice it, let alone rebel.

  • Is Alex Jones crazy?

    Alex is not crazy just because he lashed out at Piers Morgan on public television, nor because he is a so called conspiracy theorist. He feels passionate about constitutional rights and has done a lot of research about things that to the common person, seem outlandish and could not be true. Glen Beck piggy backs on what Alex exposes and so does Rush Limbaugh. Would you consider them credible? Just because the main stream media does not cover some of the issues he reports on, it does not mean the issues are not happening out around the world, and also, Alex is not afraid to make anyone mad or alienate people because he is not concerned with ratings.

  • Who really knows.

    He is great entertainment. Some of what he seems truthful, but who can really say for sure.
    He is great entertainment. Some of what he seems truthful, but who can really say for sure.
    He is great entertainment. Some of what he seems truthful, but who can really say for sure.
    He is great entertainment. Some of what he seems truthful, but who can really say for sure.

  • The burden of proof

    If Alex Jones is truly ranting non-sensical things then people have to prove him wrong. The American government has spent the last twelve years at war and degrading the constitution of America. How many people has Alex Jones committed violence against? If the United States government had not gone on an unimaginable killing tour across two continents then the burden of proof still might be on their side. But they squandered it away and now the American government must now prove beyond a doubt that 9/11 was not a conspiracy.

  • I hope the yes people are right.

    I really hope Alex Jones is crazy. I prey that:
    - The government really does care about us and is not ran by the wealthy elite.
    -Large corporations play no roll in regulating government on public health and safety; GMO's, fluoride, aspartame, etc.
    - The taxes we pay are a reasonable and fair amount that is spent positively to improve American life.
    -History didn't have a track record of repeating itself.
    -It is all conspiracy, Kennedy, Watergate, IRS, NSA wire taps, etc.
    -Our national debt is reasonable and is not concerning.

  • Academics don't really address reality and they know it; Alex Jones is not crazy.

    At least Alex Jones asks the right questions. Why do acedemics never follow the money in historic and economic analysis? They know why - they are employees mentally. Look into the real causes of war and oppression in human history and you will invariably find the money of the ruling class. Yes academics, a ruling class does exist. Get a backbone before you call yourself and intellectual !

  • No, having anger issues doesn't mean you are crazy.

    Alex Jones has done a lot of research and uncovered a part of our society that none of us likes to admit is there. If you took a person from a hundred year ago and put them in our modern world the only voice of sanity they would hear is Alex's.

  • He's passionate... but not crazy.

    If he was crazy he would never be able to show up every single day to work. He might be a bit over the top, but it's great, and hilarious to watch. It makes a person think about the other side of the story. We all know, we aren't always told the truth. Why not ask?

  • Exposing Government Lies

    He is the best messenger who discloses printed information from newspapers and government documents that anyone could see if they would only wake up and look it up themselves. America needs more people like Alex Jones who will stand up to this secret, tyrannical government that is determined to destroy America.

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Anonymous says2013-04-27T15:56:20.547
So is Ron Paul crazy too? I just saw the two of them having a discussion and they agree on just about everything.
Anonymous says2013-07-28T13:41:41.883
Alex Jones is crazy. He may put out some facts pertaining to corruption, corporate greed, secret societies, etc but he is also a liar. In this world we know people are capable of many things and I would have liked to think Alex was capable of making change. If you don't blindly follow him but you research and come to conclusions outside of his thoughts you will see that not only was he wrong about a lot (not discrediting what he did get right) but he has outright lied about certain things. Also consider how he hijacks grass root rallies and protest. You don't have to agree with the people but when there are videos of them calling for less government and less destruction of liberties, why does Alex hijack them?

We know the possibilities of this world, so why would he lie and also put out incorrect information at all if he is a truth speaker? Isn't it at all possible that the government put out information with disinformation to discredit real information pertaining to that topic? I think it is.

Alex Jones isn't a nice guy. Just look it up. He might pretend to be, but real caring is genuine and not something Alex is capable of.