Is Alex Jones right about MOST things he talks about?

  • Yes, yes he is.

    He was right about the presidential elections with the chances trump had of winning, he was way ahead with fukushima, with human genetic experiments, he is also quite currect with the frogs thing as chemicals do affect brain processes. Finally, he is also right about Soros and the type of lusus naturae he is.

  • The more you look into the sources, the more you find that what you can ascertain from his ramblings will be true.

    There's the Joe Rogan podcast where he "translates" some of Alex's ramblings and finds out they were true. As Ricky Gervais said of Karl Pilkington; 'you could have Stephen Hawking sitting next to ya, whispering in your ear, but when you repeat it, it would still come out as gobbledygook'.

  • Bravo ! Alex Jones est un vrai citoyen du monde

    I totally agree. People like Alex Jones are courageous and not crazy. Alex Jones is not a conspirationist. But a person who think and don t swalllow like a dumb cow what the media or government tell us. People should empower themselves via critical thinking by doing their own homework on how the world is being actually shaped by the so-called elites. And trust me in France we have our share both in the government- les hauts fonctionnaires- and i the media- pupets journalists.
    Conclusion: We should have more Alex Jones
    Denis Isinger

  • Alex is right pretty much on most topics that he mentions on his radio show and documentaries.

    Of course no man is an island and he does occasionally get things wrong but for the most part; what I have found is that the man speaks the truth. He is to say the least unconventional in his delivery manner compared to the likes of Gordon Burns off the BBC news. But the man is certainly AT least in my opinion a honest to god human being with a lot on his mind.

    Most of the people on internet forums and such; who criticize Alex are ill-informed sheeple who's only contribution to humanity's progression is to criticize others who they do not understand. They do this I believe because the are bored with life and themselves.

  • He is right about almost nothing

    Alex Jones is a compelling and passionate speaker in a way that people will believe him no matter what he says. Which is useful in this case because what he says is generally completely false, or information that has no basis and no physical or legitimate evidence outside of his opinion and conversations he has had with people who are not reliable sources.

    For example, consider this clip in which he claims to expose a government project to create "people with gills", which he believes because "[he] was told by a genetic engineer":

    The whole set up is that his audience already trusts him. You either believe him or you don't, but you can't find a credible source that will back up many of his positions. Do you believe that the government is genetically engineering fish people? Do you believe that Barack Obama is literally the devil sent from the literal hell? Do you believe that 9/11 and Sandy Hook were inside jobs? If so, Alex Jones will make you feel less alone. He can and does say anything, but it's all false information.

    The only way what he says makes sense is if you accept the premise that everyone except for Alex Jones and people who he agrees with is lying to you. The media is lying to you, the government is lying to you, and the truth is a group of right wing conspiracy theorists with no physical evidence. Some people choose to believe that, and I don't think anything can convince them otherwise. To anyone else, this man is a complete joke.

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