Is algae based biofuel an economically justified use of land?

  • Land based algae is good for our troops.

    By using land based algae as an alternative energy source we can stop fighting in the middle east over their oil and save countless American lives and stop the hate. Also, as technology gets better we will be able to use it for more than just powering small appliances to much bigger items.

  • Algae-based biofuels is a definte yes

    Algae is easy to produce and conditions for growing Algae are perfect in the United States. Also, algae is carbon neutral; meaning that when you burn algae it will release as much carbon as it took in during photosynthesis. Algae can also be grown using the phosphorous found in waste waters so there is no need to produce expensive phosphorous fertilizer.

  • Non-arable land can be put to good use.

    Competing for arable land to produce fuel is nonsense. Now, if the land is not fit for agriculture, why not? It makes sense using it to capture CO2, produce oil, protein, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, bio-etanol and biogas. In addition to that, you get fertilizer. Integration is the key! Innovation alone cannot make it work. Integration!

  • Its good

    The use of algae based biofuel is clearly justifiable because algae is a renewable resource and does not deplete, pollute or otherwise harm the land. Fossil based fuel, on the other hand is nonrenewable and its use puts the US in the politically dangerous position of relying upon hostile nations to fulfill our fuel needs.

  • I am strongly in favor of algae based biofuel and consider it a justifiable use of land.

    The use of algae based biofuel is clearly justifiable because algae is a renewable resource and does not deplete, pollute or otherwise harm the land. Fossil based fuel, on the other hand is nonrenewable and its use puts the US in the politically dangerous position of relying upon hostile nations to fulfill our fuel needs.

    Posted by: ClearAron69
  • While it may not be as economical, it is at least renewable.

    The key to replacing fossil fuels is how renewable it is, not how economical it is. It may be more expensive to create algae based bio-fuel, but the fossil alternatives are only cheaper because they are easy to find. As the supply continues to plummet, they will become more expensive. Using the land is justified, because it prepares us for the time when the prices even out, and the fossil-based fuels become harder to find and supply.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Algae-based biofuel is economically justified, mainly due to the environmental benefits that it brings to the table.

    While it may be more expensive to produce algae-based biofuel than it is to drill for oil now, we are quickly reaching the 50 percent mark in many of the oil reserves in the world. What this means is that it will become more and more expensive to extract the oil from the ground, and there is no way to make more. However, an investment in algae-based biofuel is something that can be sustained into the future, with much less impact on the environment. While it may cost more at the moment, that is something that needs to be kept in context. Every new technology has start-up costs. It would be a tremendous investment to create charging stations, so we could all drive electric cars. But, given the reduced cost of operating those cars, it is something that should be considered. There were tremendous start-up costs associated with our current oil system, but that does not stop us from using it every day. So, yes, we should produce algae-based biofuel and, the sooner and more we produce, the faster there is a return on that investment.

    Posted by: FabulousLucius90
  • Yes using algae as biofuel would be good use of land, because it offers no harm to the environment, like other types of fuel do.

    Think of how beneficial algae would be. It offers no harm to the environment, or any other land creature. It's absolutely safe. On top of that, there are no worries if it is going to spill and destroy our precious water. Using land for the algae needed for biofuel would be a justifiable use of land, no doubt.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • I think that any offshore production of biofuel is a justified use of land, because it lessens the necessity of fuel being produced from food.

    By the pure virtue that the processing of the fuel takes place off shore means that there is very little to no land usage in algae-based biofuel production. In addition, any resource which lessens the necessity of fuel being produced from food is something that I can get behind.

    Posted by: BrokenRandolph74
  • I think it would be ok for small use, because any fuel derived from a renewable natural product is preferable to man-made/fossil fuels.

    Algae based bio-fuel could be used for small appliances around the house, or for businesses who rely solely on using equipment that requires the use of low energy. Although algae bio-fuel probably would not work on a large scale, it probably does have uses for small scale applications. Anything that can use natural products, that do not involve having to be made by man, is always a plus.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Algae based biofuel is not an economically justified use of land.

    Algae based biofuel is not an economically justified use of land because biofuels produce as large or a larger carbon footprint than fossil fuels. Furthermore, using land to produce biofuel reduces the land needed to produce food for humans and food for animals that humans use for food. The benefits of biofuel do not justify the costs.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • The use of land for algae based biofuel is not economically justified because the technology is not yet substantial.

    As of today, the use of land for algae based biofuel is not economical because the technology has not yet been developed far enough. There are currently far more efficient ways to create energy using a smaller area, including, but not limited to, air and solar power. In the future, after algae based fuels have been researched further, they may cross the mark and become and feasible option.

    Posted by: T3ddDemon
  • Any method in which we can produce alternative fuels is currently justifiable, even if a lot of land is used.

    I do not know very much about this specific production of biofuel, but it would seem that at this crucial time of energy crises, any reasonable process in which an alternative fuel is produced is justifiable, even if it uses a lot of land. Through the refinement of this process, there could be a reduction in land use. Or, further down the road, it could be realized that there are other alternative fuels that are easier and cheaper to produce, so this might not be valid any longer to use massive amounts of land for algae. We are still learning about our fuel options and developing new technologies, so I think we have to explore every avenue now, even if it does not seem to be the most cost effective in a short term plan.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • Algae biofuel does not take up too much land, because it grows very quickly and efficiently.

    Using algae to create biofuel is an important part of combating global climate change. Some may complain that the algae crops take up too much land, but the amount of land used is more than made up for by the fast growth and high efficiency of the crops. Algae has an incredibly high per unit area yield - in fact, it's the highest of any crop being grown today. For that reason, growing algae on an acre of land is more efficient than growing just about anything else. With that level of efficiency, algae cannot possibly take up too much land.

    Posted by: A Bass
  • If our need for fuel is so great, than it will have to take up land and research funding to make changes.

    We take up land for lots of things that benefit the greater majority of people. We need to find a fuel source that is good for the environment and we cannot do this without funds and land. Clean alternatives to fuel are bound to need land dedicated for production, so that will always be a factor.

    Posted by: babydoll93
  • Algae based biofuel is not an economically justified use of land.

    The amount of land needed to be used to make algae based biofuel is defiantly not economically justified. There are many more necessary uses for the land. Without this land to provide other necessary amenities like corn or wheat the price of food skyrockets. It is simple supply and demand. If the demand is higher then the supply (food for instance) the price goes up...if the supply is higher the price goes down. If the land once used to grow food is used to grow algae for biofuel the result will be devastating. It would just take up too much of our precious land to be economically justified.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic

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