• Not just there to tick you off

    The point of algebra is that you can easily substitute different numbers in the same equation. Say I need to determine how much fuel a car needs to travel for 500 miles, the answer will be different based on many variables, the largest factor will probably be the weight of the vehicle, obviously, a Volkswagen will take much less gas than a semi truck. Using algebra, I know the formula to calculate this amount based on how heavy the car is.

  • It helps your mathematical accuracy

    One will be able to improve in mathematical accuracy(you will then be able to think a bit faster) due to algebra. It is also useful to those who would love to take part in computer programming, engineering and mechanics. To some extent it will be beneficial in those areas and it brings further basics of mathematics

  • When is it neccesarry

    No, because when in life are we going to use alegebra 1 or 2 or any other than the basics multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. Seriously when am going to be like " hmm what is the value of x?" NEVER!! So they should just have math for the people who want a career in mathmatics.

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