• He has to be

    There is currently no proof that he isn't. He is omniscient in all Fortnite information, Knows everything the developers are going to make and promptly makes a video on it. With the powers he has to predict Fortnite information, He cannot be defeated. Anyone who has tried to defeat Ali-A has never been heard from again. His youtube channel is growing at unprecedented rates and soon he will clash with pewdiepie, The God of the N word pass.

  • He A God

    Ali-a is the best he gives leaked information about current events. He shouts out to people who use his code. Ali-a has helped me to find out what is going to happen in the future. Without him I would be clueless about what is going to happen. He isn't that bad either. He A GOD!

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  • Oioioioio oi oio

    Oi oi oi io io fd gfds gfdg gf gdfgdfgfih idhgiuhidhifhgfdh ihi hufgiufdhiuhdfgfiuh fh iuh iudfhiudfhihdfiu d he isnt god dhfsusdbfsdhih shdufh sdh ushus uh uu hsdfuisdh iuh idh uisdhui huihdhfiuduhdsuiu h idshg hsi gsdfij sdgsd idsyug gyug uy yugdyugsduy gyusghusb hugdsuf gyugusdy guyds gudsg yudsguygsugsdyuguysg uysg ysdg uyguguy suguy

  • Hes a furrry. . .

    If you look in the back of the room you can see the outline of a cat. This says that he skinned his cat eat his girlfreinds bones. And he is stanky if you have smelled him in his sleep like I have he has a mojor stank that rank bank cank flank. Fidily de a furry he be. Sigh bye ki i say not fly he do, Furry he is. To be fair i actully say we crush him with the force of one thousand suns. This is proof tis is tis is tis furry.

  • No no no

    I need 50 word so here it go he bad he trash he a lose he give l to people when he need to take the l he wierd he has a ugly wife he trash trash trash he don't know life he don't shout out to he fan he trash

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