• is good

    Alibaby group has been growing slowly and steadily for many years.
    That’s a sign of stability which is the most important aspect of the
    stock exchange. A company that can grow at a steady rate,
    one, shows a great investment with a promising future. Fortunately
    Alibaba Group has been incremental growth, but larger than most, and
    should have a bright future ahead.

  • Yes, Alibaba is a good investment.

    Yes, Alibaba is a good investment. Alibaba is expanding globally. It has reached to the height in very short time. It is now one of the leading E-commerce provider.It has moved its European headquarters from Geneva to London so that it can take uks market. I think it will be good investment.

  • Be very careful

    Alibaba is a mainland Chinese company. It has very little growth potential outside of China because it offers very little that does not already exist in the international marketplace. Moreover, as a Chinese company, its lack of transparency should be a big red flag for anyone who expects an honest accounting of their financials or true strategy (it has a party committee after all). They are entirely dependent on the Chinese government's good graces for their monopoly, which to me implies considerable risk. I have yet to see a major Chinese company show the kind of adaptability that means true success in the global market. The strategy to date has been cheap goods (see Huawei phones in Africa) or mercantalism (favorable conditions provided by the force of the Chinese government). It is an open secret that the Shanghai Stock exchange is essentially rigged, companies born of that environment are rarely an exception to this rule.

  • Great short term numbers, bad long term investment

    Alibaba is presenting some great numbers leading many to believe this would be a great investment. Sales are going up and it is a large market. Sells figures are only one part of a company however. To see if a business is going to survive long term those sales figures have to exceed the money they are putting out along with the maintenance involved. This company is already a massive company which means it is going to need to need to have no limits in sales in order to make a decent size return on the investment. Like most IPO the price of what they set the shares is likely to go up right after they set the price. Of course we all remember Facebook. The price is likely to sink afterward. The next question is what will this money be used for. The mentioned it is going to expand by purchasing out its competition. This is not always a good thing. Sprint still has not recovered after purchasing Nextel.

  • Alibaba is not a good place for average people to shop

    Alibaba can be a great place to buy things for resale, and it can be a place to find a good deal when you know specific good sellers on the site. Because the site has so many scammers and counterfeiters, though, it's not trustworthy enough for people to do regular shopping there.

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