• Alien life could exist

    I'm not one of those people who hAve the Tim foil hats and fears the possibility of alien life. It is ignorant to think that out of the 50 billion planets in our galaxy alone that ours is the it one that holds any form of life at all. It ridiculous

  • It's statistically probable.

    Not sure about the odd of a planet to hold life but I think it is about a 0.2 % or about 1 in 455 planets are what is called Goldilocks type planets. For the sake of argument, let's say the odds are a lot worse. Say 1 in 500,000. It is estimated that 50 billion planets are in our galaxy (the Milky Way) alone. That would mean that even with those odds, there should be about 10,000 planets that could have formed life. Granted, this is not saying that they would but we do have proof that this is probable. After all, we all know of at least on planet within the Goldilocks zone that does, Earth. If it has happened in one that we know of, it is likely to have happened in others.

    Note: This is not saying I believe that they have come to this planet. I firmly believe they have not. I would say why but that is a different topic.

  • Yes, Definite Probability

    For the sake of the question, I will disregard the reported information that personally encourages belief in extraterrestrial life, such as UFO sightings and the like.

    Logically speaking: If we agree that space goes on infinitely, then we must conclude that the possibilities of planet conditions are also infinite. If the conditions are limitless, then it is fair to suggest that the possibility of life is limitless. That being said, if both space and the possibilities of life are limitless, then it becomes an almost certainty that life must exist on other planets. To suggest that Earth is the only planet which can sustain life is quite possibly the most arrogant and logic denying claim that we can make as a species.

    Alien life is, conservatively, a 99.9% likelihood; and that 0.1% only exists because the American public has no explicit knowledge about potential alien activity.

  • You never know!

    God/evolution made everything, some we do know, some we don't! Although there is little evidence, there has been evidence shown on the news within the past year. Plus, how can we tell Earth is the only planet to support life? Maybe space has a different kind of air than we do and it supports different bodies! We can only keep researching!

  • Everything is a possibility

    There is no such thing as an impossible besides that there are more than a billion planets plus ALL the other planets in other galaxies. It is mind blowing that so many people underestimate things that are beyond earth its self. Space is packed with many things we may never know.

  • Has to be....

    I'm sure the natural process of life here, happens all over the universe in cycles... But given the vastness of time and space we would pass by other intelligent life forms like Two ships in the night... Completely unaware of each other's existence. Im sure we would have killed each other off before we are lucky enough to find any.

  • A possibility? More like a certainty.

    If you don't already have an idea of how large the universe is, and you haven't been keeping up on how many planets we keep finding around almost every star we point our equipment at, then you are really out of touch. To think that we would be the only life in the universe is so arrogant it hurts me to think of it.

  • Other planets can produce life, but we may never see it.

    Abiogenesis -- the study of life from organic elements -- is well advanced. The number of stars and galaxies is vast, and the number of life-supporting planets is likely to be large too.

    However, life can only exist at certain times in the history of those planets, and is not guaranteed to be intelligent. Moreover, the distances involved may mean that life has lived and died before we existed, or shall live after life on our planet has died. And we may never ourselves see evidence that it exists.

    So we may be alone in space and in experience, if not in time.

  • Yes it it

    Yes, alien life is a realistic possibility because the planets may be suitable for an alien's habitat. An alien's habitat doesn't necessarily mean something that is similar to a human's. This means that there are alien life out there, in other planets and we, humans, may not be able to detect it.

  • Without a doubt

    Just on this planet alone there are millions of species. Out in the universe, there are probably things we couldn't even imagine. As diverse as this planet is, it's probably nothing compared to the billions of other planets, which would have different materials, climates, gravity, etc. Statistically speaking, there's also a huge possibility of other life. Plus, I'd like to hope we're not the only ones out there!

  • They exist but we cannot ever hope to meet them.

    As stated in one of the opposing arguments, logically speaking, aliens almost definitely exist. The universe is larger than it is possible to imagine with countless systems each with numerous planets with different properties to each. So far, correct me if I'm wrong, around 8/9 planets have been found that could possibly sustain human life should we even manage to reach them.

    However, the problem concerning anything "alien" is that, as we have established, the universe is a vast and expansive thing. Say intelligent life does exist on some far away planet we wouldn't be capable of communicating with them or even knowing of their existence.

    Intelligent life (By intelligent life I refer to anything that is capable of thinking through a situation, so primates, dogs, cats, lions, etc even to the dinosaurs.) has existed for millions of years, it has taken us an extraordinary amount of time to be able to communicate efficiently between ourselves. Now say we do manage to communicate with the other beings, we tend to assume they will be at an equal stage in the evolutionary chain which in reality is just not going to happen. They are more likely to be simple minded creatures capable of following their basic instincts much like the majority of animals that populated and still continue to populate our planet today.

    The second problem can only arise should the first problem be solved. So say there is an alien species that has developed to an equal level as us. They are undoubtedly beyond communication, the majority of stars we see at night don't exist anymore. Now, say we did create a telescope capable of seeing a far off planets surface in detail we could in all possibility find some life, however what we would be seeing would be an alien life form that had existed for light years before but have long since died out or moved forward. We will never be able to see any alien life unless we create a way in which we can get to their planets. Secondly, radio messages etc are constantly beamed out but we come across the first problem, we could be beaming radio waves at hundreds of planets all with life on them but no technology to receive it. Furthermore the time it takes for the message to reach them again they could have died out etc. Then we are assuming that they use sound to communicate or some other such way and that they will be able to interpret and decode our messages but the reality of that is far stretched. Simply put we have no concept of what they could be, in any way.

    So yes, they exist but will we ever be able to see/communicate? No.

  • Too far away

    Intelligent alien life most likely exists else where in the universe. The universe is really big but the distances between the stars in the universe make it highly unlikely that anyone will ever encounter alien life. Also consider time. The universe is billions of years old but human civilization has existed for only thousands of years. More to say but need to get back to work.

  • Meeting alien life is a horrible idea.

    I personally don't believe in alien intelligent life since I don't believe in evolution, but that doesn't matter. Lets say evolution is real and there is alien life. In that case it would be an incredibly bad idea to meet alien life.
    Intelligent life requires high concentrations of energy consumed in a short time. Reasons why is that if your wasting time to eat all day, your not going to be thinking or doing much. What is most likely to be a high concentration of life on any planet with life? Meat or something like it. What is most likely to eat meat, a predator. Predators tend to be violent. Funny thing about humans, were are predators, we have tendencies to be violent. Only bright side about us is our ability to use social skills in order to work together and our ability to care. Just because this happened on earth doesn't mean it is likely to happen with other planets.

  • I'm not 100% of my feelings

    I don't think there will be that stereotypical alien in the movies. I do believe that there is another living organism on a plant or star. Could be even on the moon? I have been raised around yes's and no's with this stuff so I won't say there definitely is an alien life out there until I've seen scientific proof.

  • Be Realistic Critical and Practical.

    Why the past generations never mentioned about these? What is the hidden agenda behind fictional weird cartoon characters depicted as 'alien' creatures bombarding the science fiction movies? Even if it exists ...Very rare possibility....Why should we be bothered..When their presence doesn't make any difference in our basic needs, which can be met only satisfactorily in our habitable planet earth.

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