• Alisan Porter is set up for success

    While it's impossible to say at this point who will win this season of "The Voice," Alisan Porter certainly has a strong chance and will provide fierce competition for other contestants. Her background as a child actress gives her an advantage on the show. Her audition was strong. She exhibited great vocal control and pitch. With her talent and endearing life story, I think fans will take her through to the end.

  • Of course she will.

    Sure she is. She is the best of the group with consistency and sound. Her voice is strong and not breathy. It is highly likely she will win with the look and voice of a star. She dresses and acts like a singer. She even looks like on at this point.

  • Yes, Alisan Porter is going to win

    Yes, Alisan Porter is going to win "The Voice". Alisan Porter has the talent that is necessary to win "The Voice". Lots of talent and a unique sound is what it takes to win "The Voice" and Alisan Porter has both of these elements. The public will vote for Alisan Porter.

  • Porter's Road Hard, Especially With Poor Coach

    Alisan Porter, while a talented woman, will not win this season of "The Voice." With last season as an exception, early Voice favorites oftentimes do not ultimately win the show. Typically, winning contestants separate themselves from the pack in the early live rounds. Porter's task will be even more difficult considering she chose Christina Aguilera as her coach, who has failed to win the show a single time while the other three coaches all have wins to their names.

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