• Without question, YES!

    I've been feeling wonky, vertigo and unwell, not knowing where the word came from. Then I found someone online describing the exact feelings with the word "wonky." Now I'm sure of what I've always believed, and that is all life forms have been online long before any computer was made!

  • Yes, all life is connected.

    Every ecosystem is dependent on another and every organism contributes to that ecosystem that mother nature has dictated. Every organism has a distinct role to play within its niche and a disruption of even one of these organisms would cause a catastrophic collapse of the ecosystem. This leads to extinction and overpopulation of a certain organism.

  • Yes, all life is connected

    We are one, and One is all. All life flows and ebs in a circle. Every organism, whether great or small depend on one another for survival. Which means life at its core is connected through a web of community. For example human beings depend largely on other animals and plants to survive. Within those bio ecosystems, each organism depends on one another to fulfill their niche in order to thrive and flourish.

  • Yes, it is.

    Regardless of some sort of spiritual connection (as in Eragon) between all life forms, our actions connect us. Every decision affects others' lives and decisions, and so on ad infinitum. When our actions and lives are so interconnected, it is impossible to deny a connection between all life forms on Earth.

  • We are all connected

    Yes, I believe that we are all connected. It's a weird thread that seems to connect all of us, but in some way or another, we find that we all a part of this life and we are in it together. I think that we find these things out just by living life and through conversation and getting to know people. If anything, we are humans and we should all be for each other.

  • All life is connected.

    In some respect, all life is connected. We all have a vested interest in the ecosystem since we all share the same planet. Also, we are all distantly related since we all came from the same single celled organisms millions of years ago. In many ways, all living things have a special connection.

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