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  • No, morality is beyond human rights.

    Much of morality does include issues of human rights and treating others fairly. We can use morality to justify human rights or use human rights to justify certain moral actions. However, morality has a scope beyond human rights as well. It can extend to animal rights and rights about the environment.

  • no morality is not all about human rights

    No not all morality is about human rights. In my state marijuana was just legalized. The morality is that some see it as bad, some see it as miracle. But in all its your choice. Religion is the only exception. They tell you what to believe in. But all humans have a choice.

  • No.

    Morality is what you perceive to be right and wrong. It is not anybody's place to tell you what to think when it comes to morality, although many try. The only exception is people who decide on morals based on religion. If they are conscientious of what they believe and have accepted as moral standards, this is not wrong.

  • No, Morality is Not About Human Rights

    Morality is about people's own ideals of what is right and wrong, or good and bad. Certain morals are, and should be plain common sense; ie, it is wrong to hurt someone else. However, when morals are attached to religious values they can become dangerous because people of certain religions foolishly believe that their way is the only "way," and they try to use their morals to deny the rights of other. In this way, morality is more about the denial of human rights than anything else.

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