• Good for health doesn't mean not dangerous

    Yes, Many sports have health risks, But all sports also have health benefits. In this day and age too many people spend too much time being sedentary. The human body needs to move and exercise to remain healthy. Sports are a fun way to engage in this healthy act of exercising. Some sports may be more dangerous and need more care and caution to avoid injury, But that does not negate the fact that there are some health benefits accompanying these risks.

  • Some sports are dangerous

    There is this sport that is very dangerous to the brain. A very small number die from it. The danger is not that it kills you but that it slowly hurts your brain.
    Plus there is knee injuries that never will heal and other problems that will pop up when they turn 40.

    Some forms of exercises are also dangerous and dumb. Do not do yoga on a balcony, And do not break you joints doing heavy exercise with pound over 200. You will need proper technique and a proper trainer to help keep you safe. Your body has a limit and it will break if you push it to hard.

  • Waste of time

    The more you train, The more your body will demand, So you´ll end up needing extra time to get your body in action, Before the real training starts- Overdoing it, Straining your muscles will not be beneficial for your health, But rather the opposite. Consequently, You´ll be wasting both the time you spent going to the gym and your money, As an additional amount will be needed to find a suitable replacement trainer. . . Or a psychologist.

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