• I think so

    I think Allied will probably do pretty well. People usually see WWII movies, plus they love spies and Brad Pitt. So far sounds like it will work and be better received than Troy. Rotten Tomatoes doesn't hate it, even if they call it an empty shell of a film. So I don't think it will bomb.

  • It is dark.

    First of all Brad Pitt is a movie star. He has also been the subject of headlines lately. Also, Allied has an interesting plot. It is more subtle and it has more twists and turns than a typical movie today. For this reason, people will be interested to see it, and it will get good reviews.

  • I wouldn't receive it, but maybe.

    It will interest people who have an interest in World War II movies. Otherwise, it will not be well received. It is not a movie that incites joy or anticipation. It’s just a movie. It’s just there. Brad Pitt’s fans will probably watch it more than once. Then again, maybe they won't.

  • Yes, I believe "Allied" will be enjoyed by many.

    I believe that "Allied" will be one of the season's best Dramas/Thrillers. Brad Pitt alone will draw audiences in with his phenomenal acting and going off previews alone, the premise of the movie is something I know I would enjoy. World War 2 seems to be an area of great interest for many people, and it seems "Allied" will throw audiences right in the middle of the mind games and deception that went along with the war. I think that it will have enough romance aspects to diversify the crowd some, but the lovers of WW2 and thrillers about that time period will be very happy with "Allied."

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