Is allowing gay men to donate blood like allowing swimmers back in the water?

Asked by: Jikpamu
  • The LGBT is petitioning the FDA/Whitehouse to remove a 30-year old ban on gay/bisexual men donating blood.

    As a hemophiliac do you feel comfortable with what the AMA in league with the LGBT, FDA, and President Obama are planning. Would you want the 30 year old ban lifted?

    What about if you are about to go into surgery? Does this policy make you feel comfortable?


    Federal officials said at an August meeting of the FDA that some strains of HIV may be difficult to detect and noted that Germans have reported a few “transfusion transmissions” in recent years.

    HIV transfusion incidents are rare in the U.S.: In 2008, a patient acquired HIV from a Missouri blood transfusion. The donor, a middle-aged married man, was found to have had anonymous sex with both men and women.

    That transfusion-transmitted HIV infection was the first reported since 2002, the CDC said.

  • They test every sample they get

    They test every sample they get or at least they're supposed to. Why did this rare incident happen? The fault lies more with whoever was in charge or who ever didn't do what they were supposed to do in handling the blood and testing it. Test the blood always, thoroughly, and mindful of accurate timing and you won't have any problems.

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ben671176 says2014-07-09T18:48:37.577
Isn't there a poll on this?
schachdame says2014-07-09T19:40:53.370
I am not sure what this actually asks... Currently both Opinion-Authors seem to be Pro-Homosexuality and Pro-homosexuals as donors and that's not a bad thing but does not help me understand the question