Is allowing priests to marry the solution to Catholic abuse scandals?

  • This is the norm in most religions.

    In nearly every Protestant Christian denomination pastors can marry. They can raise as large or small of a family as they want. This allows them to have the same experiences as their congregation. A priest currently takes a vow of celibacy, which means they cannot have any type of sexual relations. Studies have shown that sex is very beneficial to mental health.

  • Yes, It is the solution to a very large extent

    I have always been of the view that they are many truly God fearing and dedicated men who know in all honesty that they can't live a celibate life, So they forget about becoming priests. There is also another group who become priests having no intention of being celibate. If priests are allowed to marry, The church would have priests who would live holy lives. Celibacy isn't a priestly condition in the bible.

  • Yes, priests should marry.

    It is true that this really is the norm with other religions and it may prevent a lot of talented dedicated faithful from reaching their full potential, both because some family people do not enter the Catholic clergy, but also because some of Catholic clergy are potentially great marriage partners and parents, but never get the opportunity.

  • No it's not

    Paeodophile priests are still that whether they marry or not , they don't just magically return to normal adult relationships when they marry they still desire children
    As an organisation it is startling people still support it if was any other type of organisation it would be outlawed and possibly burned to the ground .

  • Catholic Priests are already Married!

    There is a small problem with the premiss of the question. Priests have already taken marriage vows! They are married to the Church... Thats why the Catholic Church is called "Mother Church" and why Priests are called "Father".

    During the traditional Latin (Tridentine) Mass, but not the Novus Ordo Mass, the consecration of bread and wine becomes Christ's body and blood the moment the priest invokes Christ's presence. It becomes, in that split second, "Conception"! God condescends himself to man and becomes the feminine "Receiver" of the Priest' Adoration... Which by the way, is 'why' priests have to be men. If the priest were a woman... Conception at the consecration could not take place. As you can see this conversation can go in lots of different directions.

    If you look at the central 'Main' Alter at St Peters Basilica in Rome you will see Bernini's baldachin, a four poster "bed" canopy that graphically illuminates the alter as the wedding bed of man and God! Sexual congress occurs at the moment of consecration as the Priest, leaning over the alter and resting on his elbows, holds the Host, looking at it intently and prays for Gods presence.

    The Catholic Church has "Never" Officially condoned 'married' priest but there have been times when the Church 'overlooked' the practice. Today there are a very few married priests. They were married before taking vows and none are allowed to marry after they've taken vows, they must ask to be laicized if they marry.

    Sexual abuse is a criminal act and the Catholic Church has often been its own worst enemy by protecting sexual deviants after they've been exposed. Additionally, The Church was infiltrated by homosexuals and communists , around the time of Vatican II, who very successfully destroyed the traditional Church Liturgy and reduced 'believers' by 80%. Many of them are still in positions of great power.

    My point is Christ's gift to the 12 Apostles was the Last Supper, i.E. The Mass. It represents the marriage between God and man and no devout Catholic priest wishes to commit bigamy! Stopping the infiltration of active homosexuals and pederasts while actively prosecuting and throwing our offending sexually deviant priests certainly cant hurt so long as we commit ourselves to staying vigilant! And a few prayers wouldn't hurt either.

  • It'd be nice, but the two are not wholly the same.

    Plenty of married men have done the worst of things.
    Allowing marriage in the clergy might in fact improve matters, but would not be assured to fix everything as the question suggests.

    If it should be allowed, is not the same question as "is it the silver bullet solution to everything?"

  • No, many pedophiles are family men.

    Allowing priests to marry won't help the abuse rate in the church. Most abusers are married men with children. The key to stopping the abuse scandal is to stop keeping quiet. Stop allowing these predators to continue to have access to children. Lock them up after the first proven accusation, don't move them to a different parish.

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