• There is no reason not to

    If you believe that humans have influenced global warming then alternative energy is the best solution. Using solar energy or windmills as our energy source would greatly reduced CO2 emissions which appears to Global Warming believers to be the cause of rapid climate change. Even if you don't believe in human influence on global warming, alternative energy could mean creating a vast new industry, a boost in the economy, and many more great things. When fossil fuels run out it would be great to know that we don't need it. Without alternative energy in the future we could run out of the very thing that powers our cars and heats our homes. Alternative energy could be the greatest thing humans ever achieve; but hopefully it just helps us achieve more.

    Posted by: EK99
  • Yes, alternative energy is worth trying.

    I believe alternative energy is not only worth trying, but it is a necessity. I firmly believe we are going to use up all of our fossil fuels someday, so we will be forced to use an alternative energy. An alternative energy source would lessen our dependence on foreign countries for oil and the wild price fluctuations in gas that we sometimes experience. Solar energy seems like the most promising to me.

  • Alternative Energy Is A Must

    Alternative energy is very much worth trying. Because some of our energy sources on the planet are not infinite, we should take the time to brainstorm and create alternative energy sources. At some point in our future, we will run out of fossil fuels, it is our job now, to figure out the most viable ways to replace those energy sources.

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