• Alternative medicine is extremely dangerous.

    This isn't to say that all alternative medicine is dangerous, because it isn't. There have been many natural remedies, treatments and cures tested and verified by science. But unless you can find a scientific journal with literature on a specific natural medicine, don't use it. The problem is that most people don't read scientific journals.

  • Not backed by science

    I think that when you break away from the usual medicines, you start getting into products that have not been tested over and over by researchers, so you may not be getting as good of a product as you would with medicine that has been heavily tested and is researched.

  • At best, it's a placebo. At worst, it's deadly.

    There are many people who fall for the pseudo science behind our homeopathic and alternative medicines. The evidence of which is typically always lacking, or absent. In place of these vital components are typically vague assertions, false statistics, and mystic explanations. Snake oil salesmen and woo peddlers set in our modern day.

  • Is by omission

    Alternative medicine may be harmless in many cases, but alternative can be deadly by omission, rather than directly. Often there are cases of highly unconventional or religious families refusing medical treatment to children for things like pneumonia; in those cases, the treatment did nothing - but to the detriment of the patient.

  • Look at actual statistics.

    Almost 50% (166 million) of Americans use some type of alternative medicine. Yet, Statistics from the U. S. National Poison Data System for 2016 say that only 3 persons died due to dietary supplements, Herbals and homeopathic medicines. Contrast this with the 350 people who die every day in the U. S. , Or 128, 000 a year, From the side effects of drugs and medications. 3 a year vs. 128, 000 a year. The pharmaceutical industry should be embarrassed for instilling so much fear in people who are interested in trying natural medicines.

  • Only sometimes dangerous

    Herbal medicine or other alternatives are quite outlawed big pharma want more money so alternatives that are herbal are pretty nice you might even cure diabetes but that ability is mostly unkown becuase big pharma wants more money becuase it's so profitable and dangerous dangerous alternative medicine isn't as bad as the fraud unnatural ordinary medicine for major diesieases

  • No, not if used wisely.

    Of course it depends upon one's injury or condition, but at the very least alternative medicine can contribute to the healing along with western medicine. Alternative medicine is usually just the natural herbs and treatments that have been used for centuries and that much of western medicine is based upon.

  • Yes It can be.

    Alternative medicine can be dangerous during certain situations. It kind of depends on a lot of factors, like who is the person giving or prescribing the use of alternative medicine, does the person in question have allergies, or personal issues that might cause problems? Things like that are big factors that make it hard to say one way or another.

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