• I think she is.

    I don't necessarily think that crazy is the right word to use to describe what is happening to Amanda Bynes, but I do think that she is headed down a dangerous and destructive path. It seems very similar to the path Lindsay Lohan has been going down for years, and I hope she can get past it.

  • Amanda is gorgeous

    She is just young, a girl, and enjoying life!
    America is a free country, people are just jealous because she has power! Amanda is beautiful, young, and healthy. I support Amanda Bynes and she should not fear to expose the horrors and psychological problems of Hollywood. Blame Hollywood not Amanda Bynes! She is perfect!

  • Following a dangerous road.

    Like many young celebrities, Amanda Bynes is following a dangerous road. Like Lindsey Lohan, Bynes is involved in too much partying and has simply lost her way. I would not say she is going crazy, but she is in need of some serious guidance before she ends up hurting not only herself, but someone else.

  • No, I do not think so.

    Amanda Bynes is a wonderful actress who I have seen in a wide variety of different things, from T.V. shows to movies she plays a great role. If she is acting out or doing something "crazy" it is probably just her way of relaxing and trying to enjoy life and have a little fun. I do not believe that means she is going crazy though.

  • No, Ms. Bynes is simply having fun with her life.

    Ms. Bynes was a child star and made money on Nickelodeon. She does not really have a lot of promise for a career in show business as an adult and why shouldn't she behave as many other wealthy young women behave? She is wealthy enough to not have to worry and she is youthful enough to do wild things like pierce her dimples or tweet sexually explicit messages.

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