• The Walking Dead

    AMC contains the greatest and most develouped shows in my opinion. I'm choosing to use examles like The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. They are very well develouped plotlines and story lines. The story they are tellig makes so much more sense than some of the shows I've seen on other channels. Plus, AMC likes to put out shows that make you get attatched to the characters, and when they finally kill them off it's this huge heartbreaking moment. Anyway, I have three words...

  • AMC Has Amazing Original Series'

    Not only does AMC show awesome movies, they have some of the best original series such as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and TURN: Washington's Spies. I have also heard that The Killing is a very good series but I have not seen it. But I will definitely check it out because AMC never dissappoints with such talented actors writers and directors

  • The best Shows Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Mad Men

    AMC hands down is the best channel on tv by a long shot. No channel has got 3-4 award winning shows that are all considered the best tv shows of the 2000s and 2010s. If you think differently something is wrong with you. Like seriously watch AMC if you don't

  • Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Walking Dead

    Breaking Bad is hands down the greatest show of all time. Mad Men has won a ton of awards and Walking Dead is the most popular show on televison. Need I say more? It doesn't get any better than Walter White, Don Draper and Rick Grimes. With supporting shows like Hell on Wheels and The Killing, it is an all around perfect TV channel. You have drama, horror, action and mystery all on one channel.

  • Many Channels, too many Choices

    Hundreds of different television channels are available. Some people prefer sports channels, while other people prefer religious or cartoon channels. No one channel is by definition better than all others - although some, like the playboy channel, are definitely worse. Each person has to decide what channel is best for them.

  • Breaking Bad Mad Men The Walking Dead

    Need I say more, AMC has three of at least the top ten television shows produced since 2005, and there all so different but so successful, zombie apocalypse ad exeutives from the sixties and a science teacher turned meth cook, who would of thought these ideas would make some of the best television ever, AMC did

  • AMC is the best channel, and here's why

    The argument I see on the other side of this debate seems to forget that AMC is not a news channel. It is a movie and drama centered channel, and it fills these roles excellently, showing high quality movies, ranging from dramas to comedies to horrors. On top of that, it produces some of the best shows on television, with titans like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and The Killing all under its belt.

  • Not enough content

    Whilst AMC has some great shows, and could be considered one of the most contemporary and interesting channels, it simply doesn't have the depth and variety of some of the older channels. The BBC for example has Dr.Who, Sherlock, Luther and Orphan Black as well as a whole host of other programming such as the Graham Norton Show, and QI. When you add probably the most respected news channel in the world, and original movies too, such as oscar winning The Kings Speech, saving Mr Banks, the Boy in Striped Pyjamas, the other Boleyn girl, you have a full package of world class entertainment.
    Even from a cable network point of view, it's hard to compete with HBO with True Blood, Band of Brothers, Sex in the City, The Sopranos, and of course Game of Thrones.
    AMC is definitely worth watching and they have a great team working well together, but it'll be a few years yet before the can show real pedigree.

  • CNN is the best or others

    I have seen amc news, sports and etc., but they were boring. It was feeling like a continuation of the same news over and over again....

    For an example: During the Boston Bombing, I was switching through news channels. CNN, BBC and CBC were fairly updated to action unlike AMC where they were telling the storyy what happened an hour a go...

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