Is AMD a better choice for the money than Intel?

Asked by: Deathmonkey7
  • I believe so.

    AMD offers cheaper CPUs that perform better than those offered at a comparable price by Intel. AMD also makes building/upgrading a desktop much less of a headache with backwards compatible slots that are labeled simply and understandably. Their customer service is also known to be helpful and friendly. Bad experiences with AMD? I have had none.

  • AMD has more value......For gaming

    I have a 2011v3 system, featuring the 400$ 5820k. Great chip btw. I ALSO have an AMD system featuring the 8350 cpu, which I got for 169 off newegg. The intel rig runs a EVGA 970 GTX FTW edition..... The AMD rig is using a MSI R9 390 Gaming card. The AMD system runs DDR3 1866, the INTEL rig runs DDR4 @ 2133. On EVERY benchmark I run, gaming wise, the AMD rig is within 5-10 FPS of the Intel/Nvidia rig, sometimes beating it. My intel rig costs me a little of 1500 dollars. The AMD rig, 1050 Dollars, including windows and monitor for both. Essentially, I paid 500 extra dollars for an extra 5 FPS average when GAMING. I stress gaming, because my intel rig blows away my AMD rig when it comes to other computational tasks. But for GAMING....And I cant tell you how many DUMB gamers are out there, spending an extra 500-700 dollars on a gaming rig for like 6-11 more average FPS. I have run every gaming benchmark at these 2 systems, and the results have me convinced that for GAMING, AMD blows intel away in terms of value. The ONLY reason I can see somebody supporting intel is Fanboy-ism or wanting to be considered "elite"

  • Even though I prefer Intel,

    I think AMD is a better choice for your money. If you have the money to spare then Intel is definitely a worthy contender (I run a 4770 and I love it) but I feel it's only big advantage is for making a hackintosh and some games that are Intel optimized. AMD allows more cores and costs a lot less while allowing much higher overclocking and sometimes running cooler (or at least allows higher max temperatures). So while I would personally buy an Intel over AMD any day, I think AMD is better for the price you pay.

  • Intel is good but AMD dominates.

    Im definitely not an AMD fanboy. I love intel about the same if not more than amd but, with amd, your can overclock so much more, so much easier. The 4770k goes from 3.4 to 3.9 while the amd 8350 goes from 4.0 to 4.2. Yes, but the 4770k is tougher to get a higher over clock on. People have only gotten the 4770k to like 4.4 and thats it. My 8350 is at 4.8 right now and could possibly break 5.0 if i really wanted to. Now its true that INTEL is alot stronger than amd. But amd is more cores, for less money. The 4770k is $350 and thats 4 cores (8 if you want to count hyperthreading) but AMD is already 8 cores and is at 4.0 ghz. The new 9590 is a 5 ghz processor already! So for a budget pc, go with an amd. They are JUST FINE for gaming. If you want to invest in an INTEL, be my guest. But also ive heard AMD is better with heat than INTEL. They can last longer at higher heat rates than INTEL.

  • Amd saves money

    I have two systems that run higher end components such as 8320 and the 3770k cpu. The intel is an all around beast but the Amd beast can do alot of things just as fast if not faster. I say this for the average user that wants the best of the best. The Amd over clocked is no slouch. When it came to transcoding movie the intel was faster but the Amd is decent. When I start windows 8 Amd is zippy and so are the downloads. I'm sure people will get at me for saying my Amd felt quicker in different scenarios that the Intel should only be the king at. But lets not forget that my Intel is just as fun if not alot better when it comes to features that are in my mobo/cpu

  • I vote for AMD.

    If you are interested... Read this and the truth is about to reach you... However, If one requires a PC for programming, AMD shouldn't be the choice... Cause it has low processing power... But yeah an AMD is like a green light for gaming. Gaming.. GO GO GO. Fifty words right!

  • Amd is not better than intel for the money

    No' amd is not a better choise for the money! Their cpus are very weak, power hungry and they are not realy worth it. The only good amd cpu is the fx 8350.
    Intel gives better performance per core and with all cores for the same or even less money than an equal amd

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