• Yes, it has predominantly Christian values.

    When you consider the fundamental values that are expressed in our society, they are primarily Christian values. It's not important that not everyone follows them, but just that they are basically considered good values to live by, and there are not any strongly competing values. The basic values of Christianity are a good value system for our society, and I can't see anything wrong with them providing a guide for our people to use.

  • Yes for god's sake

    American culture is based on christianity, I just say Santa Claus and Coca Cola, Rudof the Red Nose Raindeer, various christmas movies especially The Gringe, Kevin alone at home and Christmas Vacation, the
    last one is a classic and is known to half of germany and comes every year at christmastime, famous is the scene of the brother when he says mh not that good( I don't know the right english version). And not to forget the Gospel churches, Mormoms, Jehovas, Amish etc.

  • America is not a Christian nation.

    While we would like to believe people are good and believe in a higher power, it just is not true. People are stealing, lying, murdering and using drugs. They lie about other people as well. This is not what a true christian does. A true Christian would follow God's law and lead a good life.

  • Ten Commandments contradiction

    The hardcore fundamentalists insist on placing the Ten Commandments on government buildings and using it as the law of the land. But the 1st commandment is in direct contradiction with the 1st amendment. Thou shall not have other gods before me is not freedom of religion. If America were a Christian nation there would be no tolerance for Islam, Judaism, Buddism etc.

  • America is a land of many faiths and not solely a Christian nation.

    It is a common misconception that America was founded on Christianity. Though a majority of the country is Christian, America is a land of many faiths and beliefs from Agnostics to Jews. Our forefathers made certain that Congress couldn't establish a National religion as outlined in the Constitution. The good thing about being American is your freedom of choice.

  • No America isn't a Christian nation.

    America has a lot of people who are Christian, but as long as non-Christians are given equal rights and treatment, then the nation isn't "Christian" in its core. If an atheist can hold office, or enjoy the rights due to citizens, then what's making the nation "Christian," other than Christians living in it?

  • No, America's a hypocrite.

    It amazes me how delusional people can be. The US wasn't founded on Christianity either, that's bull. The founding fathers werent even legit Christians, and Thomas Jefferson rewrote the bible. If I left it at that, that would be genetic fallacy, I'm just proving it never was. "I God we trust" and "under God" and both lies. It was added to differ from "godless communists". It still isn't legit today. Americans typically equate the poor with lazy people and they're so obsessed with rich people. I won't even mention Donald Trump. I'm so sick of America.

  • America was never a Christian nation to begin with.

    Our Founding fathers, including George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were deists, meaning that they believed in a higher power, but not religious dogma. In fact, Thomas Jefferson took a knife to a copy of the bible and ripped out everything he didn't like. And besides, the constitution clearly states that Americans are free to practice what ever religion they want.

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