Is America a Christian Nation and should EVERYONE be a Christian

Asked by: uahshdyy
  • Yes we are a christian nation but no not everyone should be a christian

    The statistics alone show that we are a christian nation but a lot of our laws are or have been extrapolated from the bible. We are becoming more secular but Christianity is the most popular religion and its the only one that was used to justify our american ancestors moral views. We are most certainly a christian nation. Not that im thrilled about that because im not.

  • No to both questions. America is not a Christian country and everyone should not be Christian.

    Christianity as well as other delusion belief disorders lead to frustration about themselves for being a diminishing force. Thus "America is Christian and everyone should be too." reactions. Blasphemy laws and other bigoted influences are mostly removed and continue to be. Non-believers are increasing and demand basic civil rights. The hate Christianity had and has on people is diminishing.

  • Yes to the first question. No to the second.

    America is roughly 75% Christian.... Spread across 90 sects (types) of Christianity. Do you really want people to have similar opinions of both jury duty and church? I believe in the constitution. The constitution's first amendment is freedom of religion. Some people interpret the first amendment as 'freedom from religion'.

  • America is a nation with religious freedom...

    And we need heretics and/or heathens to burn, so you don't HAVE to be a Christian, but it's a very good idea. *Tzzt* WHOOSH!
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. .

  • History has told this tail a thousand times.

    Through out history, religion has been put in as a moral compass for the politicians, when this happens, you have many problems arise.
    Problem 1: the church becomes more powerful then the state. During the early stages of the British empire, it was common for the king to have to consult and gain permission from the church in order to make a law.
    Problem 2 War: Another fun British example is the crusades, where the church sanctioned military companies in order to restore Christianity to the holy land. So unchecked Christianity has been known to attack nations who didn't believe, and practice Christian values, that sounds like something I want for my country.
    Problem 3 ignorance, and Christianity: In the 1600s their was British town in colonial America, that was called Salem. In this town, Christianity was every thing, so when strange things started happening to some of the people, the people went strait to the church looking for answers. The church came to the conclusion that witches had been the cause of the people having seizures. In the end they brutally tortured and murdered about 20 people, if their were more non Christians around they probably would have been able to look beyond the bible, and come up with a different idea then, this book says that the these bad things is the devil's work though humans, so we must kill those who he is working though.
    Problem 4 this will be the last one cause this people are probably getting board with this long list: For the Christians their are hundreds of interpretations of the bible so which interpretation should the government force every one to convert to?

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Forthelulz says2015-07-30T18:02:27.257
Biased question. Break it up into two entirely separate questions, m'kay?