• We May Not Survive the Next Two Decades

    Has any one considered our debt crisis? As I right this, the total debt is an estimated 65,135,520,000,000 dollars in debt and it relentlessly increases by about $100,000 every second. Do you know the last time the U.S. were in the positives? That was during Andrew Jackson's presidency. That is too long ago to count. From there, it has gone downhill. Who's fault is it exactly? The answer is simple: It's ours!

  • Liberal conspiracy nuts

    Each time something happens, liberals scream CORRUPTION, FASCIST, and yeah. But in reality we will live in a more and more logical country if we had a Republican in power. There's definiately some corruption going on with the Democrats, but that's because their liberal and have a Muslim in power.

    Use your brains people, vote Trump, he'll make America great again. It says it on his hat!

  • Not quit yet.

    Not quit yet, but we're working on it. Give it a decade or two at the rate we're going and I think we'll be there. I'm surprised this question hasn't been answered yet. It seems like a reasonable question given the way things are headed. Maybe people just don't want to think about it.

  • No finer example.

    Every country/society is destined to fail at some point in time. What other significant country in history can say that they have existed for 250 years under one ruling document with peaceful changes of power every few years? Certainly there are plenty of countries with a longer history, but none can match the stable length of our governing model. Sure we have had our fair share of corruption and cronyism, but nothing that has significantly tainted the significance of the Constitution. We may not last the century, but in my eyes this country has already succeeded.

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