• Heck yeah baby

    America has never been systemically racist, Bigoted, Sexist or whatever since we got rid of those things near our conception, America is the most amazing country on earth. America is a great country. It is a big trend to hate it now, But that is just wrong and the child of politicians who only want power.

    Damn you 1619 project

  • It's never been perfect, But. . .

    You can still love the ideals the country is supposed to stand for. Many people living in America have embraced the popular trend of hating the country because of its racist and sexist past. Heck, There are still problems with racism in this country. However, You should make it your mission to fight for what's right and do your best to make the country as great as it is supposed to be in line with its ideals of freedom and liberty. Love your fellow Americans. Love your country.

  • Great HECK NO, Good I'd give a yes.

    There's no such thing as a greatest country in the world. Are there great countries, Yes. But the USA just sort of falls behind here. What I mean by great are key aspect to modern life.

    The things either the government helps with or at least has laws that values rights, Such as; Health Care is taken care off. Education is valued and is taken care off. Human rights take a higher propriety (no cops killing unarmed citizens, Jails aren't hellholes and etc). Regulations to protect water, Air and environment. Worker rights, Pay and work life balance are important. Most of the taxes go back to the citizens. Voting is opened.

    The USA in general is better place to live than over half the world. But when it comes to modern day, The US is behind in many key aspects. If the US can catch up with the rest of the modern world, Than yes it would be a great country. Until than it's just a good country.

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