• We Have Codified Laws

    America has a moral code, called laws, that espouses our collective thinking on what is moral behavior and what isn't. We treat people humanely, for the most part, with compassion and respect. Criminals are given a chance to exonerate themselves as opposed to having their hands cut off. Citizens aren't flogged publicly for being raped. In general, citizens are allowed privacy to have freedom to do what they want.

  • Yes, we are moral people

    America has policies that no other country in the world offered at a time, and still has plenty of moral policies. We have social security and Medicare, ensuring support for the sick and the poor. Think about it, we donate a percentage of our income to the IRS every year to ensure that your people live the life they have the right to, and that is what makes us moral.

  • No we are not

    Morality is universal, Its not selective or preferential. When we see ourselves with one set of values yet, Value others with different values we have already lost our morality, When we think 'God' only blesses the USA, But magically ignores the rest of the world, Is by no way a moral value.

  • No, we've lost our morality

    American life is a large social experiment that is failing. Where we once had a Christian moral framework, we're now secular. We are over-saturated in hedonism and individualism. Sexuality has been detached from responsibility. The opioid epidemic is indicative of a deep spiritual problem. To be fair, I don't think objective good exists; just that a 'moral' society can suspend disbelief easier.

  • Basic Universal Morals in the Domestic Sphere; Always Questionable in Foreign Sphere

    The United States role in de-stabilizing foreign governments to enhance the agenda of corporations is long; its ability to justify slavery (of both blacks and whites on different and continuning levels); and its willingness to deceive its people while promoting immoral behaviours as a norm, not only promoting them, but attempting to export them is unprecedented in these contemporary times. Now there is not even a pretense to adhering to Christian values....And the propaganda is practice in such a way as to be an exhibition of contempt and disdain for the audience....Its so sad, since many of the population goes along with it in order to liberate themselves from the Christian morals and to indulge themselves, thus making the people as a whole very weak morally, and physically.

  • No. We are declining.

    We are losing the sense of civic responsibility, and the idea of right and wrong. Our media have created a desire for hedonism and justify self-centered behavior. We are a divided people, unwilling to compromise for the good of all. Sexual promiscuity and broken homes have created a bitter world. Drug abuse has destroyed our economy and society. The declining belief in citizen responsibility has
    injured our country and dulled our sensibility.

  • No

    Some people still have the morals that America was built on. The problem is that there is an every growing population of Americans that do not have the morals that are good. This population wants to do as little as they can to get the most that they can. They are the laziest generation yet.

  • No, we are not a moral country

    This is not to say that we have no morals, but America has been sliding downwards in all the standards of morality. We can refer to it as cultural change, an evolving of ideas about morality, but in many cases it is a change for the worse. Americans in today's society are mostly driven by self gratification and a gradual lessening of the values of anything that gets in the way of that. There does not seem to be any rule that is sacred.

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