• If by America, the current one, yes

    The biggest threats to liberty are Neo-Conservatism, Corporatism, Fundamentalism, and Cultural Marxism.
    Neocon-Militarize the world, and police your homeland to protect the majesty of the Nation(Fascism)
    Corporatism-Let Corporate interests rule the Government, and screw the rest and let them lose their rights as consumers and workers, by regulating goods and services and crushing competition.
    Fundamentalism-Evangelical theocracy runs the country, where people who think that anything that is against their religion should be illegal, and force religion and virtue through legislation
    Cultural Marxism-Force a culture of political correctness, a nanny state, where everyone is forced to play nice, and a need to regulate and protect us from anything too dangerous.

  • America is not a police state.

    Americans enjoy some of the greatest civil liberties in the world. Although there has been increased security after 911, it is not right to call America a police state. People still have basic civil rights, and surveillance is justified to identify terrorists who are plotting attacks. America is still a free country.

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