• 1 mass shooting each week!

    Freedom to kill is the most guarded freedom that we choose to protect, sponsored solely by the NRA and the gun corporations. They coerce the uninformed into believing that the founding fathers supported the right of everyone to bear arms, and it is clear that this is far from the truth. The 2nd amendment reads verbatim from the original:
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Yes, the "S" in State is capitalized! Guns sales are the reason for this senseless slaughter!! Capitalism, pertaining to gun sales, Kills!! Ask yourself, does the illegal right to own guns, trump the legal RIGHT TO LIVE?? The choice is simple, Live in peace, or die in violence. As a mother and a humane believer in Jesus, I choose PEACE! The constitution keeps separate the Church and State, so for all the religious folks, the commandments stqte: THOU SHALT NOT KILL! Nowhere does it state that we can bypass the laws and have individuals become judge, jury and executioners. That is why we enact and follow the rule of laws, otherwise there is chaos, so welcome to CHAOS!

  • Structural Violence & America

    Our media perpetuates violence, our society of endless consumption perpetuates violence, our entire economic system is violent and that violence.
    Inequality is violence. The US exports our violence so much of it is not seen. We export exploitation and environmental destruction and war. When someone is removed from their home for being unable to pay rent - that is violence. Racism is a system of violence so is descrimination based on mental illness.

    We live in a society that teaches us to be insane, to devalue life and perpetuate ignorance and violence. America is one of the most violent nations in the world and consumption is the only measure of morality.

  • Yes, America is a violent country.

    The United States is a violent country, ranking high in death by firearms, and also with an alarmingly high rate of domestic violence. Just to put it in perspective, one in three women will be abused by a domestic partner. This violence is epidemic, and a lot of it is possibly from the desensitization of violence through media (like movies and video games). We have welcomed violence into our homes as a means of entertainment, and this may be causing its shock to wear off.

  • The US society is the most heartless western society of all.

    As a European, I'm always struck by the harshness of the american society.
    They have probably the most beautiful country in the world in terms of diversity of landscapes, nature, rich ecosystems etc.
    But the Americans are too violent in their thoughts, in their acts, even in their social behaviours.
    Of course you Americans cannot really compare beacuse most of you know nothing about the life in Western Europe, the social customs, our philosophy of life, what we value for a fair justice, ect ect ect..
    I don't blame you though, your society is like this : self-centered. But It's very understandable, you have a country bigger than half of Western Europe so, I understand that you have other things to do than study and be curious about the way we, Europeans, view our lives, our ideals of fairness.

    Yet, I think you would be extremely different if you had the opportunity (TV programs ect..) to see how we, Europeans, deal with social matters.
    We are very different from you. You have a stunning piece of land but you are too severe with your fellow citizens. Harshness is not the answer, fairness is.

    My english is bad but you get the point.
    Being multicultural would help you a lot in understanding the world we live in.
    Get a french book or a german book and learn the language.
    It will open your eyes.

    Greetings from France my friends

  • Yes America, you are a very violent country.

    If one looks at the statistics for massacres in the USA just since January 2013, a massacre being defined as an act where 4 or more persons are murdered in one incident, so far in 2013 there have been 250 massacres nation wide. The very culture and history of the USA is one which revolves around bloodshed and firearms. From it's inception the USA committed many massacres against the Native Americans against whom the USA even used biological warfare infecting the blankets and clothes of the Native Americans with bacterial agents such as smallpox and bacteria which causes venereal diseases as these people were being forcibly moved to the so called reservations. In the USA today many of the inner cities have murder rates and rampant crime waves that rival and even surpass the violence in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Honduras and even Mexico. The fact that the very constitution itself which is the bedrock of law in the USA protects the right of individual gun ownership makes guns readily available throughout society. Unfortunately, due to lax gun laws these weapons easily fall into the hands of gangbangers, the mentally ill and other individuals who should never have a firearm in the first place. Then there is the other violence which exist in the USA such as death by knives, car accidents and weapons other than firearms. Consider the fact the USA has more persons presently incarcerated than all of the combined populations of Central America and the Caribbean and the fact that the USA is a very violent country cannot be denied. Add to this the way in which the USA has exported their violence overseas in the form of wars almost since it became a country and you will see that the violence which the USA propagates is not exclusive to the USA mainland. Yes. The USA is a very violent country.

  • We're downright killers

    Our nation was built off of blood, we extended its borders from the blood of Indians, we continue to attack threats with blood despite better alternatives, we kill each other in cold blood, we're one of the most violent countries as all sources point.
    We need to accept that fate.

  • It Is Very Violent

    America is a very violent country. Many things that we praise and rally behind are violent. We cheer sports that have big hits, love to see fights, and sometimes laugh when people get hurt. This has led to us having a violent country and higher death rate than most others.

  • America is a pathologically violent country

    American has a long history of violence. Vigilante violence, Slavery, an institution that was inherently violent as it was practiced in the U.S. which included beatings, hangings, mutilations, and rape. During the Jim crow era the beatings, hangings mutilations and murders continued. Genocide of the Native American. Labor Movement violence, perpetrated against those seeking a living wage and safe working conditions. Pinkerton's and Baldwin Fells agents were hired by owners of corporations to beat and kill labor organizers and union members. America, had the most violent labor struggle in the history of labor any where on Earth. There is a pathological nature to American violence, as Americans have become even more nihilistic and steeped in corporate culture with sensation as its only theme. It appears that Americans have become even more ravenous for violence. They consume it constantly, what they view in movies and TV. The type of games they play, and you see it in the gun violence that happens so often in this country. So often in fact that It has become banal.

    It has been said that American's are infantile in their needs and impulses, America's children are latch-key kids coming from broken homes. Bullied or attacked in their schools, 25% of them according to a report done in 2000 were involved with weapons. Does it really surprise anyone that they massacre each other in their schools?

    This has been going on for a long time in the U.S. During the entire 20th Century there were 226 school shootings. During the first two decades of the 21st Century, note that America has not yet finished its 2nd decade of the new century and already there has been 211 school shootings.

    If the U.S. does not do anything to alter this present course ( and there is no reason to believe that it will) then we can expect for school shooting to be in the quadruple digits by the end of the century.

    Americans are green apples who prefer the comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth, and that truth is America is a pathologically violent country, so violent in fact that you can expect violence in the nation to increase in both volume and scope.

  • Violence protects us

    Through out history it is shown that violence is the main force that keeps the people. When the masses become silenced like the Chinese we will be worse of. We will return to being barbaric slaves of the powers. Civilization is a balance between tolerance and intolerance. When we lose our wills to unify and fight we become nothing more than garbage. Unable to continue, unable to diversify and cooperatively compete. Turning us all into boring drones lacking of color and the environment to progress. When you lose the ability o protect yourself you also lose the willingness to do.

  • Yes, the United States is a violent county

    First I want to state that America is a continent and not a country. If you look at the statistics as of today, the stance of the United States of America in terms of violence is strong especially when you consider the fact that it has a 'Free', civilized type of society. The United States has the most highest rape statistics in the World, the highest list of serial killers and mass shootings. You cannot compare this to other types of violence such as ethic-cleansing, genocide or civil wars (which are much more damaging to a country and its citizens as a whole) but for a successful 'democracy' it is alarming to know how many crimes perpetuated by a sole individual or a gang is common here compared to other Western countries. But there are a lot of factors that weight in: the U.S is the third most populous country in the World (which can explain the higher statistics), there is an accessibility to guns and poverty is common in various areas which elevate the risk of violence to a higher degree. But as a whole, it is very safe for an indivdual to live in this country without any threats to his/her life. And let's not forget that the consumption and creation of violent material is strong here, that the U.S has proven to promote wars in the past.

  • All of you leftist fools that believe that the USA is violent because we are a free country need to check your facts.

    It has been proven that the communist countries are far more violent than the USA. In fact when was the last time you heard of the United states killing a bunch of its own people off.

    That was never, but you can't say the same for Russia, and Germany now can you. Yes if it comes down to it the American people will defend themselves and their country.

    We don't like the idea of living under an iron fisted government, although we have one at this time that could change very quickly.

    Yes we believe in the right to bear arms to defend ourselves and our families. We are not the only country who take that right seriously. So before your judge its time you read up a bit. Not on the leftist websites that fill your head full of lies, but do some real research before you talk down the USA.

  • It's a trick question

    As a whole country we can be seen as violent. If you look at our past it is soaked in blood (much like the rest of the world) but if you look at normal individuals it can be a different story. We can be safer and more peaceful then other countries in certain aspects, but there is always going to be that wild hair that makes us seem violent. It is also possible because of cultural differences that things we would liable was murder others would label as suicide. Like in Japan if a man kills his family then himself it's a suicide. It's also possible that there are certain things that a covered up on purpose or accident, and because of our open society where anything can come out into the open we show our ugly side more then most. So I think it depends on what they mean by a violent county every county is violent. Do they mean the people in general? The countries past? The countries media? The culture? The laws? Which part do they mean or is it just a broad overview?

  • Your joking right

    Maybe your see some of the other countries in the world. the fact that I could walk out on the street without worrying about getting attacked alone proves this isn't a violent country. You should take a vacation to Syria or Afganistan and see how you like it there. Sure it may not be Japan or Britain but its way safer than almost anywhere else in the world.

  • America is not a violent country inside.

    I feel that the American public as a whole is peaceful, as most people in the world are peaceful people that try to enjoy life. Especially in our current era of America where people are held more accountable for their actions. Non-domestically though we are invested in many violent military campaigns, which I fear will lead America to become another Rome or Persia or Greek or Germany or take your pick of military-invested countries. Though if we are speaking as just a country and its people that live in it, then American people are peaceful if a little unwelcoming in the more hostile parts of our country.

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