• Thoughtcrime and Conformacy

    PC culture is thought crime and the sjw are the thought police. We all know what thought crime is even though it is not written down which is exactly as it is in the book. We practice Crime Stop on ourselves and if we don't then the thought police come after us. This condition exists today without question. In a similar sense I have seen news broadcasts turn into the two minutes hate where people are triggered by Trump much like party members were triggered by Goldstein. With the Advent of 5G coming soon it will be a small step to create that world

  • Contemporary Criminal Law is Unconstitional

    Everything is a crime without a license, and any accusation can destroy a person's life, while the State makes power trips further against citizens Mandatory procedure. The federal reserve note is a controlled arbitrary product with Freemasonic sigils printed on it, but most folks and governments only seem to respect it anyway. That's the real United States of the Federal Reserve's America. Only brainwashed, naive, sheltered or spoiled persons who haven't traveled or experienced the world of the peasants can think otherwise. The rich would rather abuse power than actually Love you, and most Americans are not educated by anything except the CIA designed products funded by the European Aristocracy. WAKE UP, and read.

  • Everyone's touching on privacy which is the more obvious one.. What about misinformation?

    Seriously just scroll through Facebook and look at all the nonsense people will share taking everything as fact. Need more examples? Look at the news.. They either do not tell us the whole story or they tell us too much. Seriously misinformation is everywhere in today's society. The common man is so misinformed.. Wake up America!

  • Yes, But How Drastic It Will Get is Not Clear

    The Government grows more corrupt and powerful every generation. 9/11 was but a catalyst to governmental control over our lives. We should not lose sight of the fact that just the right amount of government is not a bad thing. Going through customs at airports is not a loss of our freedom. However, when government can monitor our phone calls without us knowing or consenting, we have a problem.
    As government grows more technologically sophisticated, the problem will grow worse.

  • Businesses are Not People but...

    There is nowhere you can go where your activities are not being tracked. Everything is monitored in some way.

    Networks know who watches their shows and when. It is now only how they determine the shows that will air but the commercials that makes the most sense to sell to businesses that want to access to the demographic who watches those channels.

    Now that many things are done online, a credit card is required to buy things like movies and music. Some sites require the card you use to be attached to a name and billing address so using gift cards is not always an option. In addition, any time you use a card, someone is tracking that information, whether it is the business your are purchasing from or your bank. While not the focus of the book the book Buyology touches on things like store loyalty cards; credit/debit cards can be used in the same way.

    License plates are being tracked even when you are doing nothing wrong (http://www.Nj.Com/news/index.Ssf/2013/07/police_using_scanners_to_track_our_every_move_when_we_drive_aclu_says.Html); as well as EZ pass scanner that read plates whether EZ pass is being used or not. In NYC there is a cable channel where you can just watch traffic! It is called CityDrive. Who needs that!?!

    Google, takes the position that its users do not have an expectation of privacy. (http://www.Geeklawblog.Com/2013/08/google-use-gmail-have-no-expectation-of.Html) Until a court decides something to the contrary, I cannot see why the government would not avail itself of users' information under the guise of national security or other such reason.

    Locations can be tracked by a cell phone's GPS. (http://www.Wired.Com/threatlevel/2013/07/warrantless-cell-tracking/)

    Some take the position that those who do not want their emails read, their license plates scanned, their phone calls monitored, etc. Should just opt out. Even if you are willing and able to live without email, a car or a cell phone; try telling your new employer you do NOT want direct deposit. You are deemed a criminal if you only operate in cash. I think it is only a matter of time before cash is outlawed.

    Data mining: I was paying cash for my purchase at an upscale leather goods store and was told the transaction could not be completed without my name and zip code. It is my understanding that name and zip code are the data that used for data mining for things like targeted direct mailings (unsolicited catalogs, flyers ,etc.). That data is provided without your consent when you pay with your credit/debit card. So while business are leveraging this information to make more sales, the government is able to sidestep Constitutional Rights of citizens by requesting access to "business records." Orwellian state for sure.

  • Yes, there is no privacy

    People must now constantly watch what they say in person or post online because there is always the possibility that someone will be offended or the government may deem their statements to be dangerous. The government has too much power to pry into the privacy of our own lives and it has come to the point where we are under constant surveillance. It is only time before we are actively ratting each other out in order to appease the government and remain free ourselves.

  • Forever Free: Not an Orwellian Dystopia

    Just take a look at all of the Documents that our Founding Fathers wrote: Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Federalist No. 10. And soo much more! Our rights have been invaded but to protect us so that we do not stoop that low! Orwell was wrong and will forever be wrong!

  • No it's becoming more of a Brave New World

    The government doesn't need to exercise that level of control over us because Americans willingly give up our freedom to the government in exchange for a "perfect" and "safe" world to live in. America has turned more into a Huxley-esque Utopia where everyone knows they're oppressed but will do nothing about it because they don't think it's that bad.

  • Faith in the People we Elect

    The dystopia portrayed in the novel 1984 will never be a reality in the United States. Media will always sensationalize our fear of total government control for ratings. We the people control who our leaders are, and while some of our freedoms have been infringed upon with the aftermath of 9/11, total government control is unrealistic.

  • I do not believe that America is as bad as some countries.

    George Orwell wrote about oppression through surveillance and government control. I do not believe that America is as controlling as other countries in the world. For example in most European countries you are filmed almost all of your time in public via CCTV. This is to provide security for civilians. America contrasts with the UK (for example) greatly in this respect. The government also is not as involved in day to day life as most European countries.

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