Is America capable of invading and occupying the rest of the world for at least 12 months?

Asked by: Albert11317
  • America is the World's Superpower

    America already controls the World and everyone knows it. And it's Armed Forces is larger and more advanced than any other Military on earth to date. A well planned out invasion could easily knock down most of the World within 3 years. Defense spending is higher today than at any time since the height of World War II. For the past 13 years U.S. military spending has increased 114 percent. That's 8 percent higher than at the height of Reagan's presidency and the Cold War. America spends more on its military than THE NEXT 15 COUNTRIES COMBINED. The total known land area occupied by U.S. bases and facilities is 15,654 square miles -- bigger than D.C., Massachusetts, and New Jersey combined. Defense spending is higher today than at any time since the height of World War II. Two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Defense Department still has more than 40 generals, admirals or civilian equivalents based in Europe. The U.S. has 5% of the world's population -- but almost 50% of the world's total military expenditure. Now Tell me that America has no chance. Especially in the event of an Invasion, most countries would either surrender immediately, or be too disorganized to fight back.

  • No country has ever achieved this nor ever will

    The USA Is heavily outnumbered by people, military, and nukes. I'd give it less than a week if lucky before USA is driven back and conquered by the United front of Europe, China, Russia, and the like. Russia more than outnumber USA by nuclear warheads, China out numbers USA by military infantry, and the Euro fighter of Europe is the most advanced fighter jet in the world right now, Britain has nuclear subs, and North Korea has a sizable amount of everything. The population of the world and it's resources absolutely dwarf USA.

    Remember the only reason Britain occupied three quarters of the land mass of the globe is because they were streets ahead of the world in technology and power. The USA may be a super power but it's not the only country with 21st century technology. Every empire before whether it be the Romans or else, had advantages over all other countries they conquered. USA don't battle anything more advanced than 3rd world countries and low territorial nations for good reason. If they took on the world like other empires did before it, they would be stretched too thinly to be effective enough and collapse upon themselves.

  • America simply doesn't have the manpower

    If you think about this cohesively, putting aside the question of whether or not the US military is actually capable of invading militaristic nations like Germany, Russia, China etc, the US military is much, much too small to occupy even a small fraction of the world for a few days, least keep control for a year. I'm not quite sure what the rule of thumb is, but it's something like you should have at least two soldiers for every civilian in said country if you are occupying it? Look at Iraq, the ratio there was something like 0.2, and that didn't exactly work out too well now did it.
    The two key things to take into consideration are the following:
    1) The American Military is simply not strong enough to out-muscle other powerhouses like China and Russia (unless they used nuclear weapons and these countries did not use them in retaliation) into submission.
    2) The manpower of the American military is simply not high enough to occupy the entire world and stay in control for any length of time.

  • Not by a long shot.

    Russia alone would be able to hold out against the US. Add China, India, North Korea, and the EU, the US is screwed. Add the rest of the world, it's become (population wise) roughly 2330 to 1. The US could beat these odds using nuclear weapons, but would wipe out humanity in the process.

  • The world is too damn big

    If the US can barely handle taking over Iraq and Afghanistan for a couple of years, then what in the hell makes you think they could take over and occupy the WORLD for at least a year? The average size of a country the US invades these days is no bigger than Florida, theres no way in hell the US would be able to take over and occupy the whole damn world for 12 months. Its simply too big

  • America's aggression would be repelled.

    It would not be long before China and Russia understand America's aggression and unite together against them. America would not be able to win against Russia, even if it seems otherwise (The Great Patriotic War and the Patriotic War), while China has far superior numbers and they have to ability to draft even more men into their army.

  • Lol. Preety funny.

    First occupy the Afghanistan then. The question will arise about other countries.
    Its impossible for any nation no matter how strong it becomes.

    Even invasion is not possible in some countries occupation is extremely impossible.
    This is the funniest question to ask.
    Even carpet bombing in Afghanistan was not effective. And chemical weapon in japan was not enough to capture the japan.

  • No, the U.S military is good... But not that good

    Yes the U.S have a great military but I assure you they would lose that fight every time unless resorting to a nuclear apocalypse, in which case there would be no one left to occupy and neither would there be any occupiers. You are clearly a little delusional if you assume the entire world would back down to one invading country. They would fight back, even ordinary civilians, and the U.S great military would be stretched far to thin to handle them. Don't forget the U.S failed to beat the technologically weak North Vietnamese military. They even struggled hard in the Middle East.
    The US can beat many nations individually but cannot invade and control the world in 12 months of even12 years.
    On a side note; yes the U.S is the superpower of today but China is on the rise and if history has taught us anything its that superpowers do not last forever.

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KingDebater says2014-01-13T16:14:25.470
We Brita had an empire back in the day!