Is America doing enough about gun control?

Asked by: htndy
  • We're doing too much

    The appropriate amount of gun control is using both hands. Gun control laws do not significantly affect violence, the far more important factors are education, poverty, culture, and management of the insane. Filling word count. Filling word count. Filling word count. Filling word count. Filling word count. Filling word count.

  • Guns don't kill people!

    If guns kill people:
    then pencils misspell words,
    cars make people drive drunk,
    and spoons make you fat.

    I am 14 and I shoot, I know I may not know much yet but I want to contribute. Can someone please tell me why you think guns kill people? People kill people. More people die from drunk driving accidents than shootings. Why aren't we making cars or alcohol illegal? I think that if we don't have any gun free zones shooting wouldn't happen. There are never shootings at shooting ranges. They all take place in gun free zones. When your replying to this, please notice where shootings take place if your going to use them as an example. Look them out. I'm betting 9/10 will be in gun free zones. Please reply and help me to understand.

  • It could be worse

    I think that some countries with less strict gun control are having it worse than what the US are. Though, In England there are more knife crimes on the news than there are gun crimes but that is mainly because there are no guns to come across. It may be bad however it is hard to change a generation's opinion

  • Will it end?

    If a government is taking away ammo, and the size of the mags that a person can have, when will they stop with the regulation making. The first step to controlling a people is to take away their guns. Look at England, they have taken away their gun rights, and now crime in England has gone up dramatically.

  • Second Should Explain It...

    Just refer to the second, it should clear up this debate for you dummies. Basically what it says is anybody who feels firearms should be regulated in any way at all are living in the wrong country and should move to a country already regulated, which won't be hard to find.

  • Over regulated already.

    America currently, and unconstitutionally over regulates guns already. The highest gun crime rates are in areas where gun control is the strictest. Chicago is a prime example, almost all gun ownership is banned in Chicago and the criminals still have guns. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS! THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF THE GUNS ARE ILLEGAL.

  • America is doing too much

    Gun control legislation is killing people all over the globe. Look at the United Kingdom, which has gun homicides increase 40% since they past their last major gun control legislation -- and it would have increased more if they hadn't increased police force spending.By over 100%.

    In every country where gun control has been enacted , homicide rates have increased by a HUGE amount. Why is this? Because it's much easier to kill someone when he doesn't have a thunder stick pointed in the direction of your very thick skull.

  • The Second Amendment is still in the Constitution!

    People who support gun control are either unable to read, or just don't care at all about our Constitution.

    In case you haven't read the U.S. Constitution, here is the full text of our Second Amendment:

    "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    And anyway, just look at the statistics! There is an overwhelming trend of states allowing right-to-carry laws. And since these laws became effective, crime rates have gone down tremendously (up to 36% lower in Florida!)

  • America should not make it anymore difficult to own a gun

    If America bans guns or makes it even more difficult to obtain then it would be chaos. Regardless of laws prohibiting guns the criminals are not going to obey these laws, while the average law abiding citizen will. Now can you imagine an America with criminals owning the majority of the guns? That would spell disaster. Yes you may say we have police for that, but where are the police in all the major shootings? They just aren't at the right place at the right time. Now if we were all able to easily able to obtain a gun we would feel protected and would be able to defend our ground instead of letting the evil minded walk all over us.

  • Enough Is Enough

    Guns don't kill people, people kill people!

    Look at the most dangerous cities in America with gun bans.... They have the highest crime rates. You start taking guns away or restricting firearms, the criminals win. They will always be armed while the law abiding citizens are stuck being brutalized by animals!

    The answer lies with good parenting. Not restricting firearms.

  • Europe and America

    If you combine the populations of Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Australia, you'll get a population roughly the size of the United States. USA 32,000 gun deaths last year. They had 112. Do you think it's because Americans are more homicidal by nature? Or do you think it's because they have gun control laws?

  • Guns Kill Fact

    Most people with firearms don't even know how to use them appropriately, guns can kill out from a distance where you have no chance of defending yourself. Police Officers being armed just encourages the criminal to carry them and that means only one thing the criminal is most likely to use it if cornered. Point of fact here in the UK most Police Officers are unarmed and we have relatively low Gun Crime and the criminals are less likely to commit crimes using a gun as their aid. Something I think other countries should think about. The bottom line is that the only defense against a gun is a gun unless you can run fast enough.

  • I own a gun and believe that more controls are needed.

    I currently live in Illinois and own 1 gun. A Smith and Weston Model 29 44 mag, which I bought in San Antonio, TX when I lived there. I had to go through a background check. I actually owned 4 pistols and one shotgun that I bought in San Antonio. When I moved to Arlington, TX my house was robbed during the day when I was at work, and two of the four pistols and shotgun were taken. They overlooked the 44 mag and a 22 Ruger, which were hidden under the bed.

    Even in Texas, like Illinois, you must have a background check to buy a gun from a retail seller.

    One of the main problems is that background checks are not always required. You can go to a gun show and buy guns without a background check, which is just plain stupid.

    The background checks are good, but not good enough. People with mental disorders, who should never be allowed to purchase a gun, are not reported by their doctors or others. It is usually a professional call. If the doctor does not think the individual is likely to hurt anyone, then they are not reported. Some state calls this a privacy issue. These doctors should be legally required to report all these folks and they should be in a national database.

    Then there is the fact that there is not a nation-wide data based to track all criminals and those with mental illnesses.

    I believe in the right of every sane non criminal to own a gun. But, we do need to require background checks for every gun sold anywhere, even at gun shows. We need a national database that connects all states and contains the criminal records of everyone and their mental health backgrounds.

    This will not stop criminals from getting guns and breaking the law. But, if all criminals are given much stiffer penalties for using a gun in the commission of a crime, e.G., life in jail or the death penalty and illegal gun dealers are put in jail for life the number of murders will decrease.

    Of course, we also need to lock up most if not all of the over 1 million gang members in the USA, most of whom are Black and Hispanic, according to the FBI. And, then we need to finish the double fence on the US-Mexican border and add at least 40,000 more troops doing patrols 24-7, which will almost completely shut down drug traffic from Mexico and stop illegal immigration.

  • No they are not

    America is not doing enough for gun control. As there is at least one shooting everyday in the states. In Britain all you see in the news is shootings in America. For example: the naval base shooting in Washington that happened two weeks ago. So in my opinion the American government is not doing enough.

  • Why America isn't doing enough in the eyes of gun control.

    America isn't doing enough in the eyes of gun control. Why? There are various reasons. People who have (and don't have) licenses can just go up to a store and buy a gun, terrorist or not. This resulting in many accidents that could have been prevented like the one in the naval yard or at Sandy Hook elementary. They aren't doing enough because without banning guns, anyone can just go crazy and shoot some innocent people, some innocent lives that could have been saved!

  • No way, we've gotta do more!

    America is so not doing enough to control gun usage. We should not just let random people go into a store and buy a gun. You should be required to have a license. Some people say this is against the Constitution, but if one of our rights is to own a weapon that can kill others, I'd rather live without that right. So many more people would be alive today if licenses were required to buy a gun. Just look at what happened at Sandy Hook.

  • Guns are only "victimizers".

    What are we, but a nation full of corrupt activists whose chief want is to keep order in our specific ways in the big bad world around us? Look at America. There are teachers out there who victimize children. A lot probably goes unnoticed. Imagine if those same teachers possessed a gun at school? It has already happened. Obama has long since permitted teachers the use of handguns in numerous schools. There's should be more school resource officers present. They are trained to use guns and it's their job to protect citizens.
    The big question is: Are we doing enough in the eyes of gun control?
    What if a student got a hold of the gun? Then there would be a lot of trouble. If every teacher brought a gun to school, there would definitely be corruption. We should definitely leave it the police to have guns on school campuses, not teachers.

  • No, America is not as controlling as they should be when it comes to guns.

    Sandy Hook. That was a wake up call. The government needs to start changing the outlook on guns. Yes the guns don't kill the people. But the people with the guns do. People that are mental can easily go out and buy themselves a gun just like any other sane person can. We need to have more proof that people that buy the guns wont harm themselves or other people. We should be doing background checks, checking medical records, licenses, and the age limit to buy a gun should be 23. Our country needs to take a step in responsibility for the people that have died under the usage of guns.

  • I'm Not Anti-Gun; Hear Me Out

    First off, I think guns are a part of a functioning society. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an individual or family owning a gun or guns. I'm from the Canadian Far North, where guns are just a fact of life. So yes, our society should embrace guns and gun rights. But that's not the question; the question is whether or not we properly control guns, and the answer to that question is, "No."

    American gun owners need to realize that while pencils don't misspell words, cars don't make you drive drunk, and spoons don't make you fat, that none of those objects were designed to kill people or animals, which is, expressly, what guns are designed for.

    I mentioned Canada's reliance on guns. I'll mention now that we also introduce an enormous amount of gun control. We're not socialists: an attempt at a national gun registry was killed just last year by public disapproval. We are, to the contrary, responsible gun owners, who realize that there is a time and a place for everything, and that not every attempt to control guns in an effort to curb gun violence is also an attempt to curtail or freedoms and rights.

  • People with mental problems have access to guns

    People who are mental have access to guns. They can even go to certain gun shops and buy military grade weapons. I believe this should be banned because this might reduce the amount of killings in the public. I believe in allowing a handgun or maybe a sporting rifle, but no military grade guns whatsoever.

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brant.merrell says2013-09-30T00:31:26.410
No we're not doing enough, but I'm not sure what else we can or ought to do.
TheYummyCod says2013-09-30T22:08:06.960
To all of my fellow anti-gun control advocates who posted on this, thank you. Though next time, stop spouting an infinite amount of anti-gun control rhetoric, and stick to the data and statistics. It's embarrassing the 'Conditions of Rebuttal' that you guys give to the opponents.