• Yes she is.

    My country America is dying like the Roman Empire, and for the same reasons too. Policing the world, internal corruption, combining religion with government, not taking care of ourselves first. These are the same reasons that the Roman Empire died. When you try to own the world, the world will own you right back. Each nation must take care of themselves first and not try to police the world.

  • China is growing

    China is very quickly growing in the stage of the world. Whereas, America is losing its power steadily in terms of financial, entertainment and so on. Although I'm not a Chinese, it is hard to ignore the ongoing growth of China's power. In the history of World, the most powerful contry like Roman could not continue keeping the position forever. Always there were growth and decline.

  • As I see it..

    I think America is clearly on decline given that popular culture is continually sinking to new lows in film, theater, music, and entertainment in general and the new fixation with social networking. American education consist of a bloated, bureaucratic monopoly of devolving standards as serves as little more than a public funded daycare system and higher education is becoming increasingly more about indoctrination in radical left wing politics than intellectual pursuits. The man on the street segments show this time and again. The individual has ceased to be the ultimate economic and political unit...More and more constitutional rights are eroding to the point where most people defend the secretive efforts of the NSA's...The unfunded liabilities of the welfare state are at around $100 trillion and no one is willing to reverse the trend of people living in perpetual poverty at the expense of the taxpayer...The entrepreneurial spirit is dying in favor of this entitlement to do less work with less education and little or no skill but higher sums of money..The hard work ethic is dead...The scientific community is increasingly consensus driven and relies upon state funding and politically convenient findings...Morality has fallen victim to relativism...Our monetary system under the federal reserve inflates economic bubbles and perpetuates the boom and bust cycle while the fractional reserve system creates money (value) out of debt and never enough supply to repay interest...And Americans involuntarily are forced to fund foreign governments and institutions around the world despite record debt levels...America is politically unwilling to stop massive amounts of illegal immigration sort of like Rome was unable to prevent the barbarian invasions. I think it is wishful thinking or delusion to deny it.

  • It's obvious. Anybody who disagrees needs to wake up.

    The decline of the "Holy" Roman Empire is remarkably similar to the decline of the United States.
    - needlessly at war with other countries
    - political scene = vast money pit
    - foreign investment taking deep roots
    - vast amounts of income overseas
    - polarization between classes
    - death of the middle class
    - loan/repayment system stopped working

    Not even getting into the similarities culturally, I mean, many Romans died fat and rich, their armies filled with mercenaries and foreigners fighting in their place for less money. Football stadiums look eerily familiar to a certain Roman landmark...
    - violent entertainment
    - spiritual decline
    - decline in wholesome families
    - pleasure seeking takes priority
    - lawsuits and revenge
    - a mixed up stew-pot population
    - an unhealthy celebrity culture
    - public humiliation in entertainment

    Also: misplaced super-patriotism and inflated self-importance ran rampant in Rome, as it does in America, a very important note.

    It's all a terrifying puzzle that adds up to two very similar histories. And we all know what history does over and over again.

  • Individual freedom is dead

    We buy land, And the government tells us what we can and can't do on it. We don't even own the land, Since we are forced to pay an extortionists rent on it every year, Which is against the constitution since it robs us of our rights to own the property We can't speak our own opinions of the job without having our employment threatened. We can't manage wildlife on our land as we see fit. We can't rent rooms out in our own houses. If we do accumulate wealth, We can't lend it out and take a security in appreciating collateral. We can't own any businesses without a myriad of licenses, Fees, Insurance demands, And regulatory demands, Where undercover government agents snoop around unannounced, And it's all about them extorting taxes from businesses. In short, Incentitive doesn't exist in present day America.

  • 2 Timothy 3

    3 This know also, That in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, Covetous, Boasters, Proud, Blasphemers, Disobedient to parents, Unthankful, Unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, Trucebreakers, False accusers, Incontinent, Fierce, Despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, Heady, Highminded, Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, But denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, And lead captive silly women laden with sins, Led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, And never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

    8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, So do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, Reprobate concerning the faith.

    9 But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, As their's also was.

    10 But thou hast fully known my doctrine, Manner of life, Purpose, Faith, Longsuffering, Charity, Patience,

  • From American Dream to American Greed

    Prosperity in the United States has reached the pinnacle and is currently and has been on a steady decline. The reason is greed. The American people have forgotten the true meaningbof the phrase “American Dream. ” At one point this meant the freedom to own land and pursue your dreams by working in a system that valued work. There is no value in work anymore because the rich would rather use technology and fatten their pockets. Money stays in the hands of the rich because they can afford the knowledge and resources that keeps them rich. Meanwhile, The sheinking middle class is getting pushed out and people have to get more education to earn the same or even less income than their parents generation. All peope care about is shopping and gossip. America is full of clueless consumers and greedy conglomerates that capitalize on human beings animalistic and predictable tendencies. Stop the greed and we can repair this country, Otherwise it is destined to fail! Easter Island folks!

  • Next bubble will ruin the US

    The cash flow is an illusion and we have basically let our greed overcome our better sense. The housing bubble didn't end and even if it did we are being hung by a noose coming from other debt that we can not pay off. The banks will go under and we will see other political party take advantage and bury the US with false promises of prosperity and safety.

  • Rampant Self Delusion

    USA spends such a tremendous amount of its income on the military at the expense of health and education that inevitably it will end up unable to sustain itself. Currently, the US has the highest illiteracy rate of the G7. That does not bode well for the future. Generations of uneducated people are easily manipulated by political and business interests and sadly it is the uneducated that have the highest birthrate. Hence the problem simply continues to grow. Deregulation of the financial system by the Bush administration allowed the 2008 financial crisis to sweep the world. Apparently the lesson was not learned as the current administration is ferociously slashing regulations on financial and environmental fronts with the result that freewheeling businesses will have free reign to make a small group of people wealthy at the expense of the general population. It is no accident that the current president has not released his tax information to the public. One would expect a billionaire to pay tens of millions of dollars in income taxes every year. You can bet that as a member of the 1%, such is not the case. America used to depend on egalitarian markets, honour and trust. All of that is gone and America is sliding down the slippery slope to mediocrity and possibly worse.

  • Yes it is

    Healthcare is one of the biggest problems there needs to be free healthcare period.... We're not gonna be a great leading nation for very much longer if the health care problem keeps up were not taking care of our own foreigners need to stay out too on top of that tobacco is probably one of the worst things to ever happen to America the world even it's killed countless....... I suggest tobacco be outlawed immediately it doesn't fucking help that healthcare isn't free put two and two together not fucking good it's time to think about us people

  • No. America will never die.

    America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Our men and women alike have shed their blood to defend what is right, and we will not stop doing so. Americans have shed their blood to guard other countries's freedoms, like Korea and Vietnam. We will not stop doing so. America is the hero the world needs, not the one it deserves. Batman reference for the win.
    If America dies, other country's support will die and will lead to their fall, also. Finally, America is strong. The red, white, and blue can push through anything. Yes, we might have a bad President or a bad congress or whatever right now, but that will change! There will come a time when Obama leaves and we get a new congress.

  • Perhaps losing power but not dying

    To claim that the US is dying not only implies that it is losing power (relative to other countries) but that the US itself will no longer exist. That is simple not true sure the US faces problems but is dying? Hardly, there's no invading barbarians at its gates and its not exactly facing internal problems so great that its at risk of being destroyed.

  • Is that a bit of an exaggeration?

    America may not be doing the best currently, but to compare it to the dying Roman Empire is a bit of an exaggerating. The Roman Empire was in the olden times, this is the present. We're doing better than they did. Plus we're not battling for more territory because it's settled. We're not adjusting to new climates with as much difficulty from global warming, and we aren't in major war in America. I'm not the sharpest on this topic so some of the things I may be presenting have a fair chance of being false, but I do not believe America is dying like the Roman Empire.

  • Not Yet, But I Worry

    Right now, America appears to be going through adversity, However, our American values are being threatened. If the Democratic Party wins again in 2016 and 2020, I worry about the future of Capitalism. Also, if we lose the right to bear arms, criminals will have a competitive advantage. I also worry about our culture, such as if the game of football becomes touch football with all of the concussion lawsuits.

  • The US and the Roman Empire

    WE belong to international organizations such as the U.N. The Roman Empire is different.
    We are a democracy, they are a monarchy.
    We may have a better military than the second to twenty-fifth most powerful military, but we will use them responsibly.
    So does the Romans, but their still vastly outnumbered by barbarians.
    But the U.N. Will use diplomacy to stop wars
    There's no international organizations to stop people from fighting against Rome in Roman's period.
    Any objections?

  • The whole Roman Empire analogy is not remotly close

    The real answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. Rather the US has never been similar to the Roman Empire. Maybe it was very powerful economically and politically compared to other countries after WWII, but it has never been similar to the Roman Empire. And don`t forget that the british Empire in the nineteenth century might have been even more powerful and dominant than the US was after WWII. Still non of the empires since the renaissance were similar to the romans.

    The US has a relatively large territory, but russia, China, and Canada, are also as large as de US or even bigger. The biggest population lives in China not the US. While Rome controlled pretty much of the known world. Except for China and India. But If the analogy was true then the population of the US should be much bigger (3.5 Billion people) and the territory should cover half of the world (i.E. The entire American continent plus Europe, Australia, and parts of Africa).

    Relative to the world size the US is not even a close match to Rome. The ancient empire used direct conquest to dominate new territories and acquire power, meanwhile the US has not added territory in significant amount since more than a century ago. The US has a rather indirect influence by economic power, language and culture.

    Since the WWII ended until 1989 the US had a rival (the Soviet Union), which had a similar military power and size. While Rome was unmatched for 400 years, from the fall of Carthage to the end of the empire and the invasions.

    Even if we want to do analogies with Rome, a better one is

  • No - much different scenario

    Rome died largely because of an inability to manage barbarians at its borders. That plus plague and corruption weakened it, to the point that it just couldn't maintain defenses across their very long borders.

    The US doesn't have to worry about borders so much. Sure, border security is an issue, but it's not like we're expecting 50,000 Canadian soldiers to cross the border and start conquering, looting and pillaging. This is the kind of stuff Rome had to put up with all the time. Worse, when one border was invaded, hostile states on the the other side of the empire would smell blood on the water and invade while the empire was distracted.

    A key weakness of Rome was the succession problem. When an emperor died, it often didn't matter who he chose as successor. Instead, the leading generals would battle it out in ruinous civil war until only one was left standing. The winner would then have to bribe the army (draining the treasury) to ensure their loyalty. Even then, the army might flip and revolt, killing the emperor in hopes that the next one would offer a fatter bribe.

    The US does not have this problem. Though our elections are often contentious, they've stayed legal, peaceful, and have not led to civil war.

    The US may be declining in global influence, but that doesn't mean it will collapse any time soon. In a way it's inevitable -- the US golden age was triggered by WWII, when we were the only major power left unscathed by the war. It got a further boost when the USSR collapsed. But all that is changing now. Europe and Japan have long since recovered, Russia is flexing some muscle again, and giants like China and India are finally waking up after centuries of colonization and humiliation. It's inevitable that America's relative standing will shrink somewhat as these new powers gain prominence.

    The US does have its problems though. Too many trends are in the wrong direction. Medical care and higher education costs just keep growing unchecked, squeezing the middle and lower classes. Income inequality just keeps getting worse. The influence of money on politics is stronger than ever, and I'm afraid it's reached a point of no return, as demonstrated by congress' inability to enact meaningful campaign finance reform -- our government operates as legal bribery in some respects. That, at least, we do have in common with Rome: as they got wealthier, corruption got out of control, until the government could no longer deal with the problems of the day.

  • I find that hard to believe

    It's true there are many problems in the USA and i find obvious that i has similar problems like the roman empire had. The Greek and Romans started the western civilization! All western countries are copies.
    Now, there is a very good investment card USA made which i don't want to go deep in right now, that would make this too long. But what i can say is that... The whole planet is washed in America, almost dependable in some topics.

  • It could happen

    From an outsider looking at America I think they are naive in their foreign policies and are naturally insular. They have little idea about the rest of the world and quite frankly could care less. That I am afraid gives them an air of arrogance.
    They are very generous, they have set themselves up as the worlds policemen, they spend dollars like casino chips, they have a girly game they call Baseball and that we call rounders,(played by school girls and women) and a version of Rugby (Grid iron)which is so mechanical in its game plan there is absolutely no way anyone can be individualistic, which makes the game as a spectacle very sterile.
    They don't think things out properly when deciding to go to war. They are the most overweight and disgustingly bad mannered people I have ever met. They are superb engineers, they design and make superb products like computers and such like. Their cars seem to be cheap looking copies of other peoples designs with very bad handling and bad brakes and with no real quality interiors.
    They overeat so much that watching their gluttonous menus makes me heave with disgust. They waste food like it was going out of fashion.
    Any nation that gets themselves into an 11 trillion+ debt and overeats and throws their weight around like the Americans, is probably on the slippery road to oblivion. BUT NOT JUST YET.
    SO NO not for long time.

  • Just a change of player

    Of course - a big country like that can't dissapear so easily in our century. The point is - USA will no longer be the world's greatest power. China is going to provail in the next 5 years, so they will have more money for defence, industry & ect.. The same thing happened 100 years before, when UK realized that they are no longer world's greatest power. But no - it won't die like the Roman Empire - in fact, there are too many differences between the two 'empires' - not only the 19 centuries difference.

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